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      Hex Pegs

      Hex Pegs

      Hex Pegs

      Hex Pegs

      Hex Pegs screw in tent pegs are probably one of the best known screw in tent pegs in Australia. They certainly got put on the map after being seen on Shark Tank show on TV.

      Hex Pegs screw in tent pegs and stakes are great for hard ground but I would ask you to make sure you understand their holding capability in soft loose ground or sand if that is where you intend to use them.

      Mark Allen of RV Daily magazine did a test review of hammer in pegs versus screw-in pegs to see just how much they hold in a variety of ground types. Check out some of those details here.

      hex pegs drillable screw in tent peg
      Hex Pegs drillable screw in tent peg

      Despite the reputation, Hex Pegs drillable screw in tent pegs may not be the most highly ranked in RV Daily test review. Of course other factors come into play when you invest in quality equipment too. So do your own research to determine if Hex Pegs will work for you. But if it was quality you were after you certainly will be happy with Hex Pegs Screw-In tent pegs.

      According to Mark Allens test review, two were named by him as his choice for which he would personally choose. 1/ Peggy Peg and 2/ GroundGrabba These were the two named by Mark as his choice out of all the brands and types he tested.

      Screw in drill driven earth ground anchors GroundGrabba Pro and Pro II side by side
      GG Pro and Pro II Dimensions 2ft = 600mm, 1ft 300mm, 19mm hex head, flights 6mm and 12.5mm.
      GroundGrabba Ground Anchors In Forests shown with HexHook Pro attached
      GroundGrabba Pro with steel HexHook attached

      By the results given GroundGrabbas are more than just a tent peg. GroundGrabbas have stepped into the realm of ground anchors that have numerous applications, not just a tent peg.

      The GroundGabba Steel Pro series (as above) are made from heat treated carbon steel that has a torque rating upwards of 1000Nm. So pretty much..just use them and if by some chance you break them.... no worries we will replace them under our lifetime warranty against breakage.

      GroundGrabba Lite Screw In Tent Pegs for sand showing dimensions length of 400mm
      GroundGrabba Lite Screw In Tent Pegs for loose soft grounds and sand

      GroundGrabba Lite has aggressive flights that tear into the soft ground and produce superior grip. Designed to hold guy ropes and such on a side angle typical for use with pop-ups and shade structures.

      To learn more about GroundGrabbas and what environments they can be used in click here.

      See what our customers are saying about GroundGrabba.

      GroundGrabbas have a wide variety of applications and environments they can be used for.