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Drill In Tent Peg

Drill In Tent Peg

If you're anything like me you have had enough of hammering-in but more.... you loath pulling out your old heavy duty tent pegs and have been wanting something easier, faster better.  Finally after over 2000 years there is finally a new modern way of installing tent pegs! Move over hammer and hello cordless drill! Welcome to the GroundGrabba drill in tent peg.

Fast, safe and secure. With three varieties available to cover most all your outdoor camping needs.

Our GroundGrabba Pro and Pro II's are designed to make camping easier and safer.  Let your cordless drill do the hard work. Your GroundGrabbas drive into most substrates and fasten with such massive grip you can get on with camping and not constantly checking your pegs.


           GroundGrabba offers you a 100% Guarantee.

Your Money back if you're not satisfied!

Do many brands do that?

See how easy drilling a GroundGrabba Pro II into sand is. Your 19mm hex connects into your drill then drill away. Simple!

GroundGrabba Pro II's can also be used in a variety of grounds from soft sand to tough dried hard clay desert ground.


GroundGrabba Pro and GroundGrabba Pro II Drill In Tent Peg desert ground anchors in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada

In the image above you can see how the lengths and flights(spirals) of both GroundGrabba Pro and Pro II vary. GroundGrabba Pro is great for most camping needs whilst the Pro II can be for large structures in either sand or normal grounds.

Little wonder why GroundGrabbas are the worlds best screw in tent peg.

Susu is about to show you how easy it is to drive a GroundGrabba Pro into the ground.

Justin Gilmore reviewed GroundGrabba 
5 star March 19


"Hands down the easiest time putting up the tent, quality is fair the best I have seen so far. Tent and Marque were secure when the wind picked up.

Was recently camping @ Jarvis Bay, had a few people come up and ask about why I was screwing in tent pegs. I can highly recommend these."

Eight Reasons Why You Need GroundGrabba 

  1. Super Fast to Install
  2. Holds with at least three times the grip of standard pegs (ten times for the Pro II)
  3. 300-600mm screwing depth for maximum anchoring
  4. Specially designed Flights (spirals) to maximise bite in most earth types
  5. 19mm hex head commonly used in caravans and 4wd's
  6. No limit to the torque you can apply to our Pro series 
  7. Made of super strong galvanised heat treated carbon steel
  8. Life Time Replacement Warranty Issue 31 page 157 Product Comparison Test of Drill In Tent Peg.

We are in the top 3!

RV Daily screw in tent peg versus hammer in tent peg review test results 1
RV Daily screw in tent peg versus hammer in tent peg review test results 4
RV Daily screw in tent peg versus hammer in tent peg review test results 3
RV Daily screw in tent peg versus hammer in tent peg review test results 4

You Want The Best.

Buy Today!

Super Fast

Super Strong

Super Grip

World's Best Drill In Tent Stake

Holds Firm Even In Sand

Watch our slow motion video capturing real time tension via our crane scales proving GroundGrabba Pro II's amazing holding ability in soft beach sand.

GroundGrabba Is The Worlds Best Drill In Tent Peg!

Don't settle for anything but the best.

Checkout the broad applications and environments GroundGrabbas can be used in.

Bee Moers reviewed GroundGrabba
5 star  July 23, 2017

"Very happy with my GGs. Incredibly firm in ground and sturdy over the whole 6 days our festival structure was up. Easy to put in and to pull out. Highest quality camping equipment that will last the test of time."

So versatile...our GroundGrabba Pro II's are not just for sand but amazing in normal ground too?

GroundGrabba Pro II's easily the best solution for anchoring down your large shade or temporary structures.  Used in soft to normal substrates the holding capacity is so solid it is as if they've been set in concrete.  No wonder why we say our Drill In Tent Peg has incredible bite!

Don't believe us?

Whilst attempting to measure the grip of our GroundGrabba Pro II's

WATCH WHAT HAPPENED >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

We attached a winch rope to the top of the GroundGrabba Pro which was screwed to full length in average density ground. As we reversed the 4WD slowly see what happens.

GroundGrabba Lite screw in sand Pegs with 19mm Hex head for soft loose grounds snow and beach sand

GroundGrabba Lite

GroundGrabba Lite is a light in weight but high on grip drill in tent peg.  Made for soft and loose grounds.  Look at the aggressive flights/spirals that cut deep into the surrounding ground providing outstanding anchoring ability. Also works in sand.

I was lucky enough to get to try out GroundGrabba for myself out at that TTITD. Epic winds did nothing to rattle my 20x10 shade structure. Even better, installing and removing 8 GroundGrabba anchors took less than 2 minutes with an impact wrench. Simple. Secure. Downright elegant.



"I think they're amazing how many different applications could you use it for list goes on"


"So my partner and I purchased these awhile back and finally got some time to test them out and wow worth every cent. We were hit with strong winds and everything stayed down fine. My boyfriend is a tradie so he used his cordless drill to screw them in so it took no time at all. Thanks GroundGrabba!! Highly recommend, I'll never be able to go back to standard pegs"

Use Your Cordless Battery Drill

Today your typical camping expedition may include loading up your ute with all the gadgets for modern camping equipment. Can we call it camping anymore or shall we call it 'glamping'?  We have the opportunity to generate our own power from the sun, take solar panels, deep cycle batteries, inverters and of course the cordless battery drill.

We've designed GroundGrabbas for speed and ease of use primarily by a cordless drill.  We recommend at least 18v of high torque and quality brand.  Brushless motors are our choice for either impact wrench or normal drill.    Just clip in your 19mm Socket Driver and away you go. Please only use an impact wrench on our Pro series GroundGrabbas.

GroundGrabba's hold solid like no other in substrates from loose sand to hard ground.

But don't take our word for it.......

We are 100% certain you'll agree....if not, your money back!

How many other brands do that?

By the way, some people incorrectly call us Ground Grabber. We can assure you we are called GroundGrabba not Ground Grabber.

All GroundGrabba heavy duty screw in pegs come with a 19mm Hex head for easy adaptation to your drill via our 19mm Hex Socket driver.

How it Works

 These drill-in pegs are suitable for all variety of substrates.
Your site won't be going anywhere.

The GroundGrabba portable ground anchor stake peg system is the ultimate in the swift, safe, and secure attachment of tents, tarps, and portable structures. From hard earth to sandy beaches, GroundGrabba’s revolutionary screw-in action and super-durable construction mean a shorter, smoother setup time with greater stability than conventional tent peg — stakes.

GroundGrabba adds Speed, requires Less Time and Energy so you can set up Faster, grab a beer, go fishing or simply relax

Where to Get It

GroundGrabba products are available from us here online both in Australia and in the USA. For orders from other countries please contact us directly so we may quote you on the shipping to your destination.

In Australia GroundGrabba products are also available from

We currently are not represented in any retail outlet and welcome those inquiries.

GroundGrabba Products and Accessories

Our GroundGrabba Pro and GroundGrabba Pro II are precision handmade from super strong heat treated steel that has been galvanized to help reduce corrosion over time.  We have come a long way and 26 revisions later to bring to the market our two flagship quality GroundGrabba Pro & Pro II Heavy Duty Screw-In tent peg stakes. Start Shopping Today.

GroundGrabba pro heavy duty steel screw in tent peg unbreakable drill driven
GroundGrabba Pro II worlds best heavy duty screw in tent peg and sand beach snow peg ground anchor that is drill driven and perfect for 4WD off road camping
GroundGrabba-Lite-screw-in-ground-anchor-tent-peg-stake loose-ground-soft-sand-glass -reinforced-nylon-orange
groundgrabba screw in tent pegs
Life-Time Replacement Warranty!*  |  30 Day Money Back Guarantee!*

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