Try GroundGrabba on your next outdoor adventure or for almost any of your outdoor anchoring needs. Premium Quality, Super Tough with a Superior Life Span.


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These drill driven screw-in pegs are suitable for all variety of substrates.
Your site won’t be going anywhere. The most amazing ground anchor earth screws in 2000 years not just for camping.

The GroundGrabba portable ground anchor stake peg system is the ultimate in the swift, safe, and secure grounding of tents, tarps, and a huge variety of outdoor portable structures. From hard earth to sandy beaches, GroundGrabba’s revolutionary earth anchor screw-in action and super-durable construction mean a shorter, smoother setup time with greater stability than conventional tent pegs, sand pegs and your everyday stake.


Risk Free Purchasing. We guarantee it, or your money back!*

By drilling in your GroundGrabba’s, it adds Speed, requires Less Time and Energy so you can set up Fast and Secure. We give you that so you can grab a beer, go fishing or simply relax and enjoy your time outdoors.

Where to Get It

GroundGrabba earth screw ground anchor products are available from us here online both in Australia and in the USA. For orders from other countries please contact us directly so we may quote you on the shipping to your destination.

We welcome reseller inquiries.


GroundGrabba Products and Accessories

Our GroundGrabba Pro and GroundGrabba Pro II earth anchors are precision handmade from super strong heat treated carbon steel that has been galvanized to help reduce corrosion over time.  We have come a long way and 26 revisions later to bring to the market our two flagship quality GroundGrabba Pro & Pro II Heavy Duty Screw-In tent peg stake ground screws. Or why not grab a bunch of GroundGrabba Lites, our light weight light duty screw-in sand peg perfect for loose and soft ground also. Start Shopping Today.

Life-Time Replacement Warranty!*  |  30 Day Money Back Guarantee!*


GroundGrabba HexHook Pro hook adaptor for use with GroundGrabba Pro or Pro II and Coach Bolts seen in various angles
HexHook Pro


GroundGrabba Pro II Heavy Duty Drill Driven Steel Screw In Sand Peg Stake GroundAnchor for Camping and Outdoor Ground Anchoring
GroundGrabba Pro II


GroundGrabba Lite Screw In Sand Peg and Loose Soft Ground 1
GroundGrabba Lite


GroundGrabba Pro Heavy Duty Screw In Pegs for outdoor events and festivals
GroundGrabba Pro


*Lifetime Replacement Warranty relates to all Pro series steel products only.