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      What Our Customers Say

      Based on 140 reviews
      GroundGrabba AU
      Patricia Halliday

      Hi guys
      Waited so long for my ground grabba pro pegs. Susu so helpful when it came to afterpay issues finally got there. Woo hoo. These pegs are the most amazing things I've seen and what the company say about them is 100% true fact. I don't use them for camping, I have two miniature goats and have been trying for years to find a peg they could not pull out of the ground. Ground grabber pegs have come to my rescue. No more goat escapes eating everything insite I would recommend these pegs to anyone and everyone. Soooo happy
      Unhappy goats 😂

      GroundGrabba AU
      Jason ash
      Amazing Products

      We are 7 weeks into our trip around Australia and we are so happy we invested in these amazing products from Groundgrabba. It makes setting up and packing up so easy .
      We are confident of putting our awning up and not coming home to tent pegs out of the ground.
      I have showed people whom struggle to hit there tent pegs in how easy life is with Groundgrabba products

      Fantastic to hear Jason!
      Happy travels.

      Kind Regards

      GroundGrabba AU
      Bee Moers
      Happy :)

      Very happy with my GGs. Incredibly firm in ground and sturdy over the whole 6 days our festival structure was up. Easy to put in and to pull out. Highest quality camping equipment that will last the test of time.

      GroundGrabba AU
      Justin Gilmore
      Highly Recommended

      Recently purchased
      GroundGrabba Pro
      HexHook Pro
      The Medium Duty Hex Driver 19mm
      Tungsten Tipped Masonry Drill Bit 10mm x 300mm
      Spring Loaded PoleGrabba (Pack Of Six)
      Hands down the easiest time putting up the tent, quality is fair the best I have seen so far. Tent and Marque were secure when the wind picked up.
      Was recently camping @ Jarvis Bay, had a few people come up and ask about why I was screwing in tent pegs. I can highly recommend these.

      Well worth the $$$, in you camp a lot...

      These are awesome...used on a month long trip to Jasper, Banff and Glacier NP. Beats hammering in stakes. Quick and easy both driving in and removing. These are.pricey but if you camp a lot great investment. Now keep all my stakes and impact driver in one bag...

      GroundGrabba AU
      Nathan Efron
      Not looking back

      I have been using GroundGrabbas for 9 months now, and haven't looked back. Have used them in standard earth, rock-hard ground, sandy soil etc., and have never failed to get a secure anchorage. I used GroundGrabba Pro II screws at the Big Red Bash last year, in soft sandy soil at the edge of the Simpson Desert. Excellent! Everyone else was struggling to peg down their awnings, but my GroundGrabba Pro IIs were rock solid. I laugh to myself when I think back to the back-breaking days of hammering in standard ground pegs, that had no grip, often came loose, and often couldn’t even be hammered into tough earth!


      Easy to use, helpful for pre-drilling before setting stakes.

      GroundGrabba AU
      Sharna Healer

      Easy to use and wonderful service with a smile and giggle

      GroundGrabba AU
      Amazon Customer
      Does what you hope it will

      Was hesitant because I thought it may not bite well. No worries best ever

      Awesome product

      Great option to secure your tent.

      Worked well worth it

      Went into the ground easy and have rocky soil excellent product

      GroundGrabba AU
      Never Will i Misplace a Tent Again!

      Love these Stakes!! Highly recommend!!!

      Very Strong

      My portable garage stayed planted at 65+ mph winds no issues

      GroundGrabba AU
      Tristan Granzin
      Solid anchors

      This product is awesome! I feel confident with anything i anchor. Strong and durable. If you don’t have a solid powerful cordless driver don’t get these. It takes some power to drive two foot down into anything besides sand or sandy clay soil. If you do get it down it is not going anywhere. Probably am going to buy the 6 pc 1 foot pack soon. I used the 4 pack 2 footer for trampoline anchor kit. It’s not going anywhere.

      Product secured tables in rocky clay soil

      Product worked well and secured two tables in rocky thick clay soil. Drilled a pilot hole about half of the anchors length to get thru the rocks. Cable attachment worked well. Shipping was fast and all arrived parts arrived in good condition.

      GroundGrabba AU
      Evan Buckland

      Great addition to the camping gear:) you will never go back to pegs after using these bad boys🖒

      GroundGrabba AU
      Marty Saam

      Perfect for my tent at Burningman.

      GroundGrabba AU
      Brendan West

      My partner and I travel a lot in tents, swags, roof tops and caravans and can’t recommend these guys and their products enough! The new owners of the ultimate pack and with the supplied drill bit, they’re so strong and reliable.
      Highly reliable 👌🏼🍻

      GroundGrabba AU
      Tony Johnstone
      Great company to deal with.

      Products exceeded expectations tried in the back yard and you won’t loose anything tied to the ground grabber short of a cyclone turning up.
      I’m very happy

      GroundGrabba AU
      Ben Hardy
      Great group of Aussie inventors.

      Prompt service, friendly staff. Tough kit. Highly recommended.

      GroundGrabba AU
      Sheik Yabouti
      Fantastic Product

      Absolutely fantastic product, you can never go back to a traditional peg and hammer after experiencing this. A revolution in the streamlining of a camping setup....

      GroundGrabba AU
      J'seeker Mc
      Aboslutely worth it

      So my partner and I purchased these awhile back and finally got some time to test them out and wow worth every cent. We were hit with strong winds and everything stayed down fine. My boyfriend is a tradie so he used his cordless drill to screw them in so it took no time at all. Thanks GroundGrabba!! Highly recommend, I'll never be able to go back to standard pegs

      GroundGrabba AU
      Andy Pearce

      Have used the long and short metal pegs in some strong winds. In the soft ground especially, the normal pegs had to be checked and put back every few minutes. The Ground Grabbas never moved until I screwed them out.

      GroundGrabba AU
      Deal Devvine

      Great to deal with and best ground holding of any peg I've ever used!

      GroundGrabba AU
      Bruce Penney

      I think they're amazing how many different applications could you use it for list goes on