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      Ground Anchoring For Your outdoor Equipment

      There are two parts to this:
      1/ How a threaded GroundGrabba works to hold down your outdoor equipment
      2/ How GroundGrabba Ground anchoring works

      1/ The Threaded Difference

      The major difference between our threaded GroundGrabba's and our standard steel range is that these threaded ones do not have a forged hex head. The top portion has a thread for nuts to be wound down to hold a base plate in place on the ground.  

      It is important to note that ground holding increases over time as the ground that was disturbed to insert the GroundGrabba will settle and compress.

      Also of note is that broader base plates can be more beneficial as there is less chance of them sinking into the ground which would normally then loosen the base plate of your item.

      Other than the top threaded section and the nuts with washer supplied, the rest of these work the same as our standard hex headed GroundGrabba's.

      Check out our tips n tricks for installation of threaded GroundGrabba's here.

       2/ How GroundGrabbas Grab More...

      Some Background

      If you set up on the flat clay pans in the South Australian Desert, the tough grounds of the Pilbara, soft desert sands of the Simpson Desert, or in the high country of the Snowy Mountains or  even your favourite beach on the Sunshine Coast GroundGrabba has you covered.

      Based on a modified auger design, GroundGrabba’s revolutionary drill-in, screw-in deployment combined with one of the highest blend of carbon heat treated steel means a stronger, quicker, easier setup with greater anchoring than a conventional peg stake or tent peg designs can provide.

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      GroundGrabba drill-in, screw-in ground anchor tent pegs are suitable for all but few variety of ground types. Your site and your quality expensive equipment won't be going anywhere until you decide.

      How Traditional Tent Pegs Work

      Firstly, here in Australia for camping we use tent pegs which come in all sorts of varieties. GroundGrabba's are a cut above "tent pegs".  Traditional tent pegs are a shaft or spike skewer design. You can also find these with a thread like a coach bolt you can screw into the ground, but these are NOT anything like GroundGrabba's.

      As said, conventional tent pegs are based on a spike or skewer design, the same for heavy duty tent pegs. They rely on the surrounding ground mass crushing the shaft of the tent peg or heavy duty tent peg, and are very limited for vertical loads especially if the ground gets wet and sodden.  Normally such tent pegs are hammered into the ground at about a 45-90 degree angle away from the load to rely on the grounds resistance to the shaft. 

      By doing this the tent peg doesn't penetrate down to its full length and therefore obviously has even less ground weight mass on top of it to hold it down which is kind of like a double whammy of losses.

      How Does GroundGrabba Work?

      The flights (or spiral) auger design provides a double, even triple solution to increasing the ground holding and anchoring forces compared to a pin shaped skewer hammer-in tent peg or common ground anchor or even coach bolt designed screw-in tent peg:

      1/ When the auger flights bite into the earth it draws the GroundGrabba vertically down to its maximum length with greater surety and purchase and...

      2/ The flight augurs extending out from the shaft creates a kind of plug or cone shape in the ground. That represents the weight bearing down on the flights of the augur which a traditional hammer-in old fashioned tent peg designs simply cannot do.

      The density of the ground type will decide the look of the virtual plug or cone shape of ground that the flights width will effect. The greater the density, the wider the pattern or shape. In sand for example, there'll be virtually no plug shape if any and therefore greater depth is required for greater anchoring.  This is where the GroundGrabba Pro II and to a lesser extent our GroundGrabba Pro I come into their own. 

      Notice the plug shape above indicating the earth holding volume of a GroundGrabba. In our own tests we have found our ground anchors can hold up to 7X more than an equivalent length and girth spike stake.

      Traditional spike tent peg stakes ground holding volume is almost non existent in comparison to the GroundGrabba augur design.

      Want to know how much GroundGrabba products will hold? Check out our News blogs to find out.

      Why Can't One Stake or Tent Peg Design Work For All Grounds and Why Should I Need To Carry Different Stakes or Tent Pegs?

      In the early days of our research for a one tent peg do it all design, we came to the practical awakening that one stake or tent peg just won't give an answer to all ground anchoring or tent pegging situations. It is logical if you really think about it. It is just like the fact that one car won't suit all peoples needs or clothes to wear or food to eat.

      With so many different ground or substrate types we have here in Australia, from solid rock to quick sand it is clear a one tent peg or staking solution is not possible.  Ground Grabbers come in different models: 

      Standard Hex Head

      GroundGrabba Pro 300mm steel with 10mm shaft
      GroundGrabba Pro I 450mm steel with 10mm shaft
      GroundGrabba Pro II 600mm steel with 10mm shaft
      GroundGrabba Lite 400mm nylon for soft ground and sand only and NOT for vertical loads in soft sand.
      GroundGrabba Pro Commercial 450mm steel with 15mm shaft
      GroundGrabba Pro I Commercial 600mm steel with 15mm shaft
      GroundGrabba Pro II Commercial 900mm steel with 15mm shaft

        Threaded Top Shaft (hex-less)

        GroundGrabba Pro I 450mm steel threaded with 10mm shaft 
        GroundGrabba Pro II 600mm steel threaded with 10mm shaft 
        GroundGrabba Pro Commercial 450mm steel threaded with 15mm shaft
        GroundGrabba Pro Commercial 600mm steel threaded with 15mm shaft
        GroundGrabba Pro Commercial 900mm steel threaded with 15mm shaft

        GroundGrabba threaded gives you the ability to anchor quickly and cost effectively