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      Supa Peg

      Supa Peg

      Supa Peg

      Supa Peg

      If you've heard about the Supa Peg then you've probably heard great things about it. It is a great Aussie product which we Aussies should be proud of. In fact I reckon we Aussies are leading the world when it comes to outdoor and camping innovations.

      Supa Peg have a couple of great plastic screw in ground anchor tent pegs to choose from which if you need for sand and loose ground are perfect.

      We at GroundGrabba also have some options for you to consider when it comes to screw-in pegs or drill-in ground anchors.

      You can choose between steel or plastic. For life long use with superior ability to withstand the varying types of grounds you will encounter then we highly recommend our GroundGrabba Pro and Pro II heat treated carbon steel galvanised screw-in ground anchor tent pegs.

      GroundGrabba Pro and Pro II are made from heat treated carbon steel and come with a lifetime replacement warranty should the unlikely happen and you break them or wear them out.

      For sand, soft or loose ground it is the GroundGrabba Pro II you'd want in your kit. For hard and general grounds it is the GroundGrabba Pro that is best suited.

      See an independent test review from RV Daily by Mark Allen.

      However the longer GroundGrabba Pro II is also capable of penetrating dense ground to give industry topping performance.


      Just grab yourself a 19mm hex driver socket to clip into your drill or get out your 1/2" drive impact wrench, clip in your 1/2" drive 19mm and impact away to drive them in with ease.

      GroundGrabba Pro

      Sometimes if the ground is too hard you may be best to drill a pilot hole using at least minimum diameter hole of 10mm.

      GroundGrabbas have a wide variety of applications and environments they can be used for.

      See what our our customers are saying.