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      Peggy Peg

      Peggy Peg

      So, you're interesting in either buying or researching Peggy Peg screw in tent pegs. Well you've chosen a good brand with a fine reputation designed in Germany.

      Peggy Peg are one of only a very few designed and made for purpose screw in tent pegs. As such they do a fine job in comparison to most of the brands out there purporting to be "screw in tent pegs" but are in fact just an adaptation of a wood screw or coach bolt.

      Peggy Peg drillable screw in tent peg ground anchors

      Check out RV Dailys test results when Mark Allen published his review on the differences between the old hammer in tent pegs versus screw-in tent pegs.

      Peggy Peg have a tremendous range of screw in tent pegs to choose from from their plastic ones to their cast aluminium ones. All designed and built to do the job. Be aware though, if carrying extra weight is an issue the lightweight aluminium are great but the cast aluminium is rated to 70Nm maximum twisting force. This means that used with higher torque into harder grounds the aluminium may snap. Also be aware that dropping any cast metals on a hard surface can fracture them which means they can fail under load. That's why mountain climbers must dispose of their metal clips if they are dropped (or have them X-rayed to checked for i have been told).

      For a large range of all different types of screw in tent pegs though, you'll find Peggy Peg have a huge range to choose from. Note the shapes of their aluminium which is also virtually the same as their larger plastic one. The large plastic Peggy Peg screw in tent peg can be used for sand also but again think about the load/tension requirement you need and have a critical look at it's design to determine if it will hold enough for you.

      Peggy Peg alongside our GroundGrabba's were the two named by Mark as his choice out of all the brands and types he tested.


      Click to find Out How Much GroundGrabba's Can Hold Down.

       Pro II 
      GroundGrabba Pro with steel HexHook attached

      By the results given GroundGrabbas are more than just a tent peg. GroundGrabbas have stepped into the realm of ground anchors that have numerous applications, not just a tent peg.

      The GroundGabba Pro series (seen above) are made from heat treated carbon steel that has a torque rating upwards of 1000Nm. So pretty much..just use them and if by some chance you break them.... no worries we will replace them under our lifetime warranty against breakage. The image below of the GroundGrabba Lite recreational grade.

      GroundGrabba Lite Screw In Tent Pegs for loose soft grounds and sand

      GroundGrabba Lite has aggressive flights that tear into the soft ground and produce superior grip. Designed to hold guy ropes and such on a side angle typical for use with pop-ups and shade structures.

      To learn more about GroundGrabbas and what environments they can be used in click here.

      See what our customers are saying about GroundGrabba.

      GroundGrabbas have a wide variety of applications and environments they can be used for.