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      Screw-In Sand And Beach Pegs

      Screw-In Beach & Sand Pegs

      Screw-In Beach & Sand Pegs

      Screw In Ground Anchor Pegs for Beach Sand

      Before you decide upon which screw in beach pegs look the best to own, you need to have a think what you will need them for.  Will they be used to hold down the base of a pop up gazebo or used to hold the gazebo guy ropes?  Will they be used for holding a dog? What about a large trap or a batwing annexe? Will you have a cordless drill available to use or would you use a wrench?  You need to consider how much tension will need to be held too.

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      We have two GroundGrabba screw in beach pegs for your consideration. Both have different strengths that may be better suited for your use.  There is the GroundGrabba Lite made for loose and soft ground including sand which has a built in hook and then there is our premium heavy duty drill driven beach sand pegs GroundGrabba Pro I and GroundGrabba Pro II.

      GroundGrabba Lite

      For holding guy ropes like those for a pop up gazebo the GroundGrabba Lite can offer great holding ability.  These are not only screw in beach pegs but screw in pegs for loose and soft grounds too. Because they have a built in hook there not suited to put into an eyelet or grommet etc.  They are more suited to ropes or chains that have an angled load. In loose ground or sandy grass they provide huge grip.  You can use a wrench or a cordless drill to insert or extract them. Even in loose ground because of their aggressive flights (or threads) you will need a good quality drill with decent grunt.




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      Our GroundGrabba Pro ll (600mm) are made of steel and many times the anchoring ability at the beach. You can spend your time having fun and not worrying if a gust of wind will send your shade canopy flying into other beach goers.  As you can see from the image below the GroundGrabba Pro II screw in beach peg can be driven in with an impact wrench also.


      GroundGrabba Pro II

      Wanting maximum grip at the beach? Our GroundGrabba Pro II is the best drill driven Screw In Beach Pegs you will find. Designed to use with your 18v cordless battery drill to make your time at the beach easier and safer.  You can hold down your gazebo or batwing with complete trust.

      GroundGrabba Pro II with wide 12mm flights to aggressively anchor 600mm deep in soft or wet beach or desert dune sand.



      RV Daily Screw In Tent Peg Test Review

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      From the image above, here are the results of an independent test showing the GroundGrabba Pro II held to over 700kg in a 45 degree tension test. GroundGrabba Pro II are the perfect Screw In Ground Anchor Pegs for Beach Sand and solution to anchoring in soft earth.  Perhaps it's desert exploring you enjoy, then you will find the GroundGrabba Pro II has the best anchoring ability in soft dry fine sand.  You can also use them in normal grounds also especially if you have a large shade or tent areas to secure.


      Here are our own in-ground hold down tests for vertical lift data.

      Still Not Convinced?

      If you're still not convinced that GroundGrabba's will answer your beach sand peg problem you can rest assured that you can return them for complete money back if not satisfied.  That is because we give you a 30 day money back guarantee.  Our steel GroundGrabba Pro II's are simply earth shattering when it comes to anchoring in sand and so strong you will not break them.   If by chance you do we will simply replace them because all GroundGrabba Pro I and Pro II screw in beach pegs come with a lifetime replacement warranty.


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      Use Your Cordless Battery Drill

      GroundGrabbas have been designed for speed and ease of use when driven in by a cordless drill.  We recommend at least 18v of high torque and quality.  Brushless motors are our choice for either impact wrench or normal drill.    Just clip in your Hex Socket Driver and away you go. Using an impact wrench is not recommended for the GroundGrabba Lite made of Glass Reinforced Nylon.
      Often many a family camping expedition to the beach includes loading up your pick up with all the modern camping equipment that helps you turn a once basic camping experience into glamping. With solar panels, deep cycle batteries, inverters and of course the cordless battery drill and a kitchen sink too  lol.

      Susu demonstrates drilling in a GroundGrabba Pro II Ground Anchor into beach sand.
      Here David secures a trailer into beach sand. Please note the name of this GroundGrabba Ground Anchor is now the GroundGrabba Pro II.

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      GroundGrabba's hold rock solid like no other in earth from soft sand to compact hard ground.

      But don't take our word for it.......

      We are 100% certain you'll agree....if not, your money back!

      How many other brands do that?

      All GroundGrabba heavy duty screw in pegs come with a Hex head for easy adaptation to your drill via our Hex Socket drivers.

      By the way, some people incorrectly call us Ground Grabber. We can assure you we are called GroundGrabba not Ground Grabber.
      GroundGrabba steel screw in tent pegs or sand pegs are not available from Bunnings, BCF or any other retail outlet but only available online through GroundGrabba or one of our associates.

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