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      Coach Bolts

      Coach Bolts For Tent Pegs

      Coach Bolts For Tent Pegs

      Coach Bolts

      Coach Bolts, Tent Pegs and Ground Anchors

      Something gaining popularity amongst dollar wise campers who use their ingenuity is using the simple old coach bolt as a tent peg ground anchor.

      As you know, coach bolts come in a variety of lengths and thicknesses and have been designed for use in timber.

      Coach bolts can work a treat in the right ground type. Best in harder grounds and Ok in firm grassy soils....that is until they don't!

      It is all a factor of what tension the coach bolt needs to secure.

      But be aware that coach bolts made for timber a really a compromise to use in the ground.

      If the ground gets wet or soaked the coach bolt will loose its integrity and will come out of the ground quite easily.  so if you need to secure your expensive awnings or tarps I'd suggest you invest in a set of real ground anchors also.

      We at GroundGrabba are one such brand.  We have designed and manufactured ground anchors specific to the task.

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      GroundGrabbas come in three varieties, each one to suit a different ground type in different environments or situation applications.


      GroundGrabba Pro

      GroundGrabba Pro II

      GroundGrabba Lite