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      Coach Bolt Hooks


      Coach Bolt Hooks

      Coach Bolt Hooks

      You've been to your local Bunnings, Mitre 10 or other hardware store and got yourself a set of coach bolts to peg out your tent or caravan annexe and camp set up and now you're trying to figure out how to attach your ropes to them.
      Have you been searching for Coach bolt Hooks that can attach to your coach bolts?   If so, here is a hook that may just suit your purposes.


      This is our HexHook Pro adaptor also great for use with coach bolts.


      Although made to work with GroundGrabba Screw-In Drill Driven Heavy Duty Tent Stakes, the HexHook Pro and the Closed Hook will work super well when used with Coach Bolts. Also Designed for GroundGrabbas the HexHook Pro coach bolt hooks have a 19mm hex tool within the key slotted plate.
      You can use virtually whatever length coach bolt you like. But you will need a washer with an outer diameter of at least 25mm. That way the head of the coach bolt will not slip through the plate of the HexHook, but for the ClosedHoo, a washer s not needed.

      Our Coach Bolt Hooks won't be found at Bunnings, Mitre 10, BCF or some other hardware or camping store. HexHook Pro Coach Bolt Hooks are only available here through GroundGrabba because we make them.

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      What Are HexHook Pro Coach Bolt Hooks?

      Closed Hook stack

      As you can see the HexHook Pro Coach Bolt Hook is just over 10cm in length. The plate width is about 42mm and it is about 3mm thick. The hook thickness is around 8mm in diameter and has an inner diameter of close to 20mm.

      Watch This Video How They Work

      Our HexHook Pro Coach Bolt Hooks are made of carbon steel that has been yellow zinc coated to help with anti-corrosion. Each Coach Bolt Hook will hold  nominal tension up to 200Kg

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      Have you been using Coach Bolts as screw-in tent pegs? If so then you may have just found a  great way of securing your ropes to them. Now here is another way for you to tie your ropes. It is our Coach Bolt Hook also known as HexHook Pro made by us here at GroundGrabba.

      Hex Hook Pro Coach Bolt Hooks Construction

      See how neatly the three parts come together. The coach bolt hook, washer and coach bolt itself.


      Our Closed Hook is another adaptation for coach bolt hooks.

      In this image you see the three individual components. The Coach Bolt, The Washer and the Coach Bolt Hook aka GroundGrabba HexHook Pro.

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      HexHook Pro Coach Bolt Hooks for tying down your Monkey Hut at Black Rock City or attaching your rope to hold your pop up gazebo in the outback.  Our adaptor hook makes attaching your ropes easy like a Sunday morning.

      Three  parts to the puzzle. Your Coach Bolt and Washer plus our Coach Bolt Hook which has a 19mm Hex tool built in for easy application.


      HexHook Pro Coach Bolt Hook on top of a GroundGrabba Pro II next to GroundGrabba Pro's in Nevada's Black Rock Desert.

      Buy Your GG Junior with better holding specs than a coach bolt.

      Have you Seen GroundGrabba's in Action?

      You've been told about coach bolts and maybe you've been using them successfully over the years.  They're cheap enough and work well enough for you yeah?
      Coach bolts essentially are made for timber and sure enough can do a good enough job as a ground anchor under the right circumstances.
      Our GroundGrabbas have been designed as a ground anchor not a wood screw.  The design is such that wings or flights extend out from the shaft rather than a thread cut into the shaft and have been hand made for purpose.
      So when you're looking for real super ground anchoring performance to trust to hold your largest pop up gazebo, tarps or tent areas you can rely on GroundGrabba.


      GroundGrabba Pro I - 450mm x 10mm shaft


      GroundGrabba Pros come in a host of different types, all made of 1008 carbon steel that has been galvanised.
      The GroundGrabba Pro is 300mm in length good for general purpose in most ground types, then we have our GroundGrabba Pro I's at 450mm in length with flights twice as wide as our GroundGrabba Pro and finally our GroundGrabba pro II which is 600mm long with flights twice as wide as our GroundGrabba Pro and are super amazing at anchoring in the softest of sand to the dry clay you find in the Simpson desert.
      Also our GroundGrabbas have been successfully tested and used at TTITD event in Nevada USA for holding down several well known camps and are gaining a great reputation as a trusted heavy duty ground anchor for the hard compact clay.
      Sure in comparison Coach bolts are cheap and sure you could buy several of them for the same price but in the end you will still only have coach bolts.
      GroundGrabbas are the best solution for seasoned campers.

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