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      Bunnings Heavy Duty Sand and Tent Pegs

      Bunnings Heavy Duty Screw In Tent Pegs and Sand Pegs

      Bunnings Heavy Duty Screw In Tent Pegs and Sand Pegs

      Bunnings for Tent Pegs

      If you're in the market for tent pegs Bunnings has a decent range to choose from. But if you're looking for specific screw-in tent pegs or sand pegs then you may want to consider GroundGrabbas.

      GroundGrabba have three varieties all made specifically for purpose. These are not just adaptations of wood screws like some on the market. Although Bunnings have some heavy duty hammer in tent pegs you will find that these old hammer-in varieties are being quickly overtaken by the drill driven variety that are taking the camping and outdoor industry by storm.

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      GG Pro and Pro II Dimensions in metric the GroundGrabba Pro is 300mm and the GroundGrabba Pro II is 600mm

      GroundGrabbas make two heavy duty steel drill driven earth ground anchor screw-in tent pegs:

      1/ GroundGrabba Pro (300mm in length) and 2/ GroundGrabba Pro II (600mm in length)

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      Mark Allen of RV Daily magazine did a review of drill in tent pegs versus the old hammer in ones.... see and extract of the article here.

      Both GroundGrabba Pro and Pro II are made from heat treated carbon steel that has been hot dipped galvanised. We have no hesitation in calling them heavy duty because they are.

      We also have a light weight recreational grade glass reinforced nylon GroundGrabba Lite, perfect for loose soft grounds and the beach.

      GroundGrabba Lite Orange or White Screw In Tent Pegs for sand

      Each GroundGrabba has a 19mmm hex head so it is easy to to get yourself a 19mm hex head driver socket, insert it into your drill then away you go.

      GroundGrabba Pro and Pro II come with a lifetime replacement warranty whereas the GroundGrabba Lite comes with a 12 month manufacturers defects warranty.

      GroundGrabbas have a wide range of applications for use in a wide range of environments.

      See what others are saying about GroundGrabba.