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      Blue Screw

      Blue Screw

      Blue Screw

      Blue Screw

      Have you been looking for a screw in peg anchor that works exceptionally well in sand? If you have then you may find the Blue Screw to be perfect for you. You need no tools because you can screw it in by hand. The Blue Screw can be easily carried in your boat or car to secure your tinny , pop or tent into soft ground or sand.

      The Blue Screw is yet another Aussie innovation that deserves accolades like some other great Aussie inventions.

      RV Daily magazine did a test review of screw-in tent pegs versus the old fashioned hammer-in ones. The Blue Screw was rated the highest in vertical lift for soft sand. It has wide flights or wings that hold the soft sand to give superior grip. Thing is though, it is limited in its use in harder grounds due to it being made of plastic.

      Heavy Duty Drill Driven Screw-In Sand Pegs With Life-Time Replacement Warranty

      As good as the Blue Screw is in soft sand..and it is good, If you are looking for something more robust that will literally last lifetimes and save work then GroundGrabba is your answer.

      Introducing the GroundGrabba Pro II, the heavy duty, drill driven, screw-in earth anchor screw-in sand tent peg. GroundGrabba Pro II makes anchoring into sand, loose soft ground or even normal to dense ground easy work. Deployed in seconds and extracted even faster.

      Get out your tradie quality cordless and attach a 19mm Socket and away you go. Place the socket on top of the 19mm hex head, hold your drill steady with a firm grip, apply downward force then slowly drill down. See how it works. It is even easier to use an impact wrench with a torque rating upwards of 400Nm. Just strat slow until it bites and let it wind itself down. It is ALWAYS advisable to start with the lowest torque setting and keep the handle between your legs to use your inner right leg as a guide and help protect your wrist. Use the inner of your left leg for extracting it.


      Made of heat treated carbon steel which has been hot dip galvanised, GroundGrabba Pro II is super tough. If you break them or wear them out, we will replace them. Whereas the Blue Screw screw-in sand peg is your light weight hand wound way to secure your annexe into sand, the GroundGrabba Pro II is your pro fast heavy duty solution for not only sand but for many other ground types too.

      GroundGrabba HexHook For anchoring Tent Pegs, Stakes, Coach Screws
      GroundGrabba HexHook For anchoring Tent Pegs, Stakes, Coach Screws

      Attach a HexHook Pro to the top of your GroundGrabba Pro II to make attaching ropes easy. It can also double as a tool to wind them in or out as there is a 19MM hex tool built into it..and thirdly...pop open your beer cap.

      Image showing a in ground cut view of the GroundGrabba Pro II drill driven screw in sand peg with real bite
      GroundGrabba Pro II drill driven screw in sand peg with real bite
      GroundGrabba Pro II screw in sand pegs being drill driven into beach sand at Hastings Point
      GroundGrabba Pro II Screw In Sand Pegs Ground Anchor

      GroundGrabbas have a wide variety of applications and environments they can be used for.