What It Is

GroundGrabbas are screw-in ground anchors.

Originally created with camping in mind we set out to create an easier way of inserting and extracting tent pegs by using modern technology replacing the old hammer-in style steel peg which the Romans developed over 2,000 years ago.

We overstepped the mark somewhat and instead of creating just a screw-in tent peg we ended up creating a drill driven ground anchor!

Our Ground anchors are currently being used for a whole lot of applications and not just camping.

You could use GroundGrabbas for your small instant tent but to be honest it maybe an overkill because our are premium heavy duty for you larger more expensive tents, tarps or annexes which simply must stay grounded even in the most violent of windy conditions.

With three current designs to choose from there is one to suit your outdoor anchoring needs.