How it Works

 These drill-in pegs are suitable for all variety of substrates.
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The GroundGrabba portable ground anchor stake peg system is the ultimate in the swift, safe, and secure attachment of tents, tarps, and portable structures. From hard earth to sandy beaches, GroundGrabba’s revolutionary screw-in action and super-durable construction mean a shorter, smoother setup time with greater stability than conventional tent peg — stakes.

GroundGrabbas have been designed for ease of use and maximum grip in the ground by letting your cordless drill do the hard work.   Clip your 19mm Hex Driver Socket into your drill then away you go.

We recommend a good quality cordless drill of 18V with plenty of torque because the harder the ground you need to drill into, the more grunt your drill will need.   Impact wrenches make the job easier with our Pro series but you must not use an impact wrench on the GroundGrabba Lite.

Hold the drill firmly as you put your weight down and start drilling/driving the GroundGrabba in slowly.  If you go too fast you’ll just bore a hole so you must go slowly until you feel your GG bite and then you can go faster if you choose.  Remember, the harder the ground the more torque will be needed and the more you’ll need to hold your drill steady.    Take a look at this video.

Also for information to help reduce the risk of injury look at this video.

GroundGrabba adds Speed, requires Less Time and Energy so you can set up Faster, grab a beer, go fishing or simply relax