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Ground Anchor Screws For Sporting Activities

If you play sport then chance are you have goal posts of some description to secure. Perhaps it is soccer goal posts needing to be anchored down? Maybe a volleyball net with rope on the sand? For your outdoor sport ground anchoring needs you have come to the right place. GroundGrabba makes leading edge screw in ground anchors for most all outdoor sporting needs.

GroundGrabba Pro Heavy Duty Steel Screw in Ground Anchor for sports and outdoor activities inground slice view
GroundGrabba Pro Heavy Duty Steel Screw in Ground Anchor for sports and outdoor activities
GroundGrabba Pro II Heavy Duty Screw In Ground Anchor for Outdoor Sporting Activities
GroundGrabba Pro II

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Heavy Duty & Lite Screw Pegs/ Stakes for your sport

With a fabulous choice of heavy duty drill in ground screws and pegs to make sporting admin set up life easier. Generally speaking people have varied needs for holding down their various sporting bits of equipment. Maybe it’s for holding down netting for goal posts goal posts, or maybe using them as markers. Perhaps you’ll need them for anchoring against strong wind? If the sand makes anchoring even more of a challenge then we recommend our GroundGrabba Pro II. In short GroundGrabbas are phenomenal state of the art ground anchor screws for sporting activities and the outdoors.

GroundGrabba Lite is light but has extreme holding abilities in loose and soft grounds. Choose either in White or Orange Screw.

GroundGrabba Lite shown in sand for beach sports
GroundGrabba Lite for beach and sand sport ground anchoring

GroundGrabba Pro is 300mm long,  for hard machined to loose ground. Hard compacted grounds it is highly recommended to drill a pilot hole.

GroundGrabba Pro II, 600mm in length. They reach deep and anchor with unparalleled bite in most ground types even sand! For outdoor structures that are large too.

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Applications for our drill driven screw in pegs, examples only:

Beach Sports – Surf Life Saving
Soccer – Goal Post Ground Anchors
Big Tarpaulins for your sporting event
Holding down a boxing bag stand outside in the dirt
Volleyball, Badminton
Even equestrian horse jumps.

David introduces the GroundGrabba range

Fast in-Fast out

Get The Right Ground Anchor For The Job

Before you invest in any ground anchor screws for sporting activities it is best to take note of where they are to be used?  Then ask yourself what will they to be used for?  For example if you had portable basket ball hoops on firm grass then you’d probably use at least four GroundGrabba Pro’s.  However the same hoop on beach sand then you would probably want a minimum of two GroundGrabba Pro II’s.  We have lots of pages on this website to help you match your needs to the environment that you need for your sporting event.
For more information regarding ground anchor screws for sporting activities and events and which anchor to use please look at GroundGrabba Environments Page.

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Use Your Cordless Battery Drill

GroundGrabbas are made for speed and ease of use. So by using your cordless drill you will enjoy anchoring your equipment by screwing them in.  We recommend using a brushless motor battery cordless drill.  There is also the option for you to use an impact wrench on our steel Pro series GroundGrabbas.    Insert in your 19mm  Hex Socket Driver and start screwing.

GroundGrabba 19mm Hex Socket driver 1
GroundGrabba 19mm Hex Socket driver 1

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GroundGrabba’s hard and tough ahead of the pack in grounds hard as leather to sand soft like talcum.

Test it out for yourself…….

We are 100% certain you’ll agree that they’re Heavy Duty and tough….if not, your money back!

How many other brands do that?