Screw In Tent Pegs

Screw In Tent Pegs

Screw in tent pegs are taking the camping industry by storm.  Screw in tent pegs take the hard work out of pegging down your tent and campsite by letting your cordless drill do it instead.

But before you go headlong into purchasing your new state of the art screw in tent pegs there’s a few things you should know.  Just like a car, there is no perfect solution for all your needs.  Just like the old hammer in tent pegs.

The old hammer in tent pegs come in different sizes and types depending on their intended use. For example, you’re not going to use a Whites Wires from Bunnings in sand or soft ground because you can clearly see just by looking at them that they just won’t hold any load.  However if you are considering using them in hard ground then you’ll find they are better suited depending on the size of the structure you need to anchor down.

GroundGrabba screw in tent pegs laying side by side with image examples of their uses with tents and jumping castles
GroundGrabba Screw in tent pegs

Independent Test Results

Unlike the screw in tent pegs that are clearly adaptations of wood screws GroundGrabba’s have been designed specifically for ground anchoring purposes.  Because of this that means that they hold considerably more in comparison.  See RV Daily test results of the wood adaptation tent pegs compared to GroundGrabbas.

You know, back in 2013 I didn’t set out to reinvent the tent peg, I just had enough of hammering in 22 heavy duty tent pegs made of steel reinforcement (reo) to hold our 6m x 9m tarp.   Those pegs i hand made at the local mens shed in Murwillumbah were amazing. BUT by the end of hammering all those in…. I was a wreck but worse was when packing up and the hard task of getting them out.

After 3 1/2 years of me personally developing the perfect screw in tent peg we ended up with two steel varieties. One for soft sand and loose soft grounds and the other for general ground types to hard.  Because during our testing days I found one type did not work for all ground types despite what my intention was.

Buy Groundrabba Now

If you have a large tent, tarp or annexe set up and you simply cannot have it get blown away or ripped apart when your tent pegs fail, then like me you will enjoy the amazing grip of GroundGrabbas.  GroundGrabba screw in tent pegs are actually heavy duty screw in ground anchors not for your cheap lightweight tent.

Risk Free Investment

GroundGrabbas are also a lifelong investment where you can anticipate continual performance. Just like your Grandfather’s old hand me down tools, GroundGrabbas will last the test of time. Compare that to pretty much most of your camping equipment or motor vehicle.

I have fallen into the trap of buying something cheaper I hoped would do the job to save money because I thought I couldn’t afford the ones I really wanted only to find it backfired and I ended up spending twice totally more than If I had bought the best to start with.   With GroundGrabbas it is a risk free investment because you have a 30 day money back guarantee should you try them and they don’t live up to your expectations.

GroundGrabba Pro II Screw In Tent Pegs showing dimensions length of 600mm
GroundGrabba Pro II Screw In Tent Pegs also excellent in sand

GroundGrabba Types

Our selection of screw in tent pegs all have hex heads on them.  Each Hex head of the peg is 19mm which is a popular 4wd wheel nut and caravan stabeliser size.

GroundGrabba Pro General purpose heavy duty screw in tent pegs made for most ground types.
GroundGrabba Pro II Amazing hold of very large structures and have the most ground holding you will find from any screw in tent peg on the market today. They excel in sand or loose grounds too.
GroundGrabba Lite Although light in name it is huge on grip in loose and soft ground. Made from a unique blend of tough glass reinforced nylon.

GroundGrabba Lite Screw In Tent Pegs for sand showing dimensions length of 400mm
GroundGrabba Lite Screw In Tent Pegs for sand and loose soft grounds

What Cordless Drill Do We Recommend?

GroundGrabbas are not toys and as such you need a cordless drill with enough grunt to drive them into even the hardest ground. Not all cordless drills are made equal so your cheapie from the supermarket will surely let you down.  We recommend a tradie variety cordless.   At least 18v and preferably with a brushless motor giving output torque of over 100Nm.  However if you intend to use our Pro series steel screw in tent pegs then you could either or use a high torque impact wrench.  I love my Makita which has over 1000 Nm of torque.

Talk about hard Ground

Just like trying to drive a screw into brick or concrete, driving your GroundGrabbas into hard ground will most likely mean you will need to drill a pilot hole of at least 10mm in diameter…. even up to 14mm is a good idea. Best also to use a masonry drill the same length as your GroundGrabba. The GroundGrabba Pro is 300mm in length.

Camping Has Changed

Camping today can look very different to how it did even twenty years ago. With vehicles made to carry more and have more accessories to the wide varieties of gadgets that make your camping holiday even easier. Many have a 12 volt system including solar panel and inverter. Many more take their cordless battery drill which is perfect for driving in GroundGrabbas.  Whatever your camping anchoring screw in tent peg needs GroundGrabba can do the job.

Do you prefer camping by the sea or in the outback?  What about deserts or caravan parks? From the Simpson Desert with its red dirt sand dunes to the popular Kingscliff NSW Caravan Park GroundGrabba has the right screw in tent peg for the job.

Visit our store for your choice of GroundGrabbas and accessories

What Is a HexHook Pro?

To attach ropes and tensioning springs to your GroundGrabba simple slip a HexHook Pro  over the top of the Hex head of the GroundGrabba. HexHook Pros will slip over the top of the 19mm hex head then slot in place for easy connection.  If your drill battery is flat or you’ve left your drill at home (like I did just last week  hehehe) there is also a built in hex tool that helps you install or deinstall your GroundGrabba.
HexHook Pro’s are made of yellow zinc steel. They’re precisely angled in case your ropes go slack they won’t drop off the hook.

HexHook Pro hook adaptor plate for GroundGrabbas and coach bolts three together in a group on white background
HexHook Pro hook adaptor plate for GroundGrabbas and coach bolts

All Screw In Tent Pegs Are Not Equal

See the test review RV Daily edition 31 who gave our GroundGrabba’s a big thumbs up!

You only need to hold a GroundGrabba Pro or GroundGrabba Pro II in your hands to feel and see that they are truly heavy duty screw in tent peg ground anchors.  Although the GroundGrabba Lite is made of glass reinforced nylon it also has been purpose made and not just an adaptation of some generic screw.

Our GroundGrabba Pro and Pro II are made of heat treated carbon steel that is galvanised and you can drive them in with your heaviest duty impact wrench without any torque limitation. Each peg has a hex head of 19mm designed to use with your cordless drill but having said that you can use a 19mm wrench if carrying a good cordless drill isn’t your thing.  Check out our 19mm Hex driver Socket.

We’ve done the research and all the hard work for you and all you need do is enjoy how much faster, easier and safer GroundGrabba Screws are to use.


Screw In Ground Anchor or Screw-In Tent Pegs?

When we set out on the GroundGrabba journey it was to create a drill driven screw-in tent peg but we kind of overshot the mark somewhat and created an amazing screw in ground anchor.  The difference is that GroundGrabbas have been designed and manufactured for purpose not like most other brands out there, not just an adaptation of a coach bolt or extended roofing screw bolt one can purchase from the local hardware store.

To prove our point take a look at RV Daily issue 31 and the testing Mark Allen did on many of the screw in pegs on the Australian market.  But to summarise Marks results our GroundGrabbas pretty much blew all direct competitors out of the water ….. Sorry, I should say  blew all other direct competitors out of the ground.  The only one to score higher in a sand vertical lift test was the plastic Blue Screw which is a special built hand driven sand peg.

Visit our store for your choice of GroundGrabbas and accessories.

Feedback from our customers tells how GroundGrabbas are a high quality and truly are Heavy Duty screw in tent peg ground anchors.  The moment  hold one in your hands you immediately know these are top quality and will last lifetimes.    The narrower lighter duty screw in tent pegs that RV Daily also tested being narrower will be easier to use into extremely hard grounds. With our GroundGrabbas you’ll need to drill a pilot hole of at least 10mm x 300mm deep using a hammer or percussion drill prior to attempting to drive your GroundGrabba in.  We also sell both 19mm Hex Socket drivers that insert into your drill or impact driver as well as 10mm x 300mm masonry drill.

GroundGrabba 10mmx 300mm Masonry Drill and 19mm Socket Drvier
GroundGrabba socket driver and drill set

GroundGrabba screw in tent pegs or sand pegs are not available from Bunnings, BCF or any other retail outlet but only available online through GroundGrabba or one of our associates.

Why Not All Screw In Tent Pegs Are The Same

GroundGrabba Pro Heavy Duty Drill Driven Screw In Tent Peg Ground Anchor with Dimensions
GroundGrabba Pro Heavy Duty Drill Driven Screw In Tent Peg Ground Anchor

Take a close look at the images above.  The top one is of several brand named screw in tent pegs whilst the one just above this is our GroundGrabba.    Note that the ‘brand’ named screw in tent pegs really are nothing more than wood screws.  Not much more than a pin or rod of steel.   They’re fine for hard ground or your light weight tent or annexe but if you are wanting real ground holding, real ground anchoring you may want to consider GroundGrabbas which have been made for purpose and not just adapted as a screw in tent peg.

GroundGrabba Pro II Heavy Duty Steel Screw In Sand Peg with Pointers and HexHook Pro hook rope adaptor
GroundGrabba Pro II Heavy Duty Steel Screw In Sand Peg Ground Anchor

The adapted screw in tent pegs as you could imagine will fail miserably in soft ground and sand.  No ordinary screw in tent peg will do for soft and loose ground.  Our GroundGrabba Pro are ok for loose ground but will not hold in beach sand.   We found that out in our product development days which then prompted us to abandon the idea of a one screw in tent peg for all occasions.  It simply cannot work.

So we developed a second screw in tent peg mainly for sand and loose soft grounds.  Enter the GroundGrabba Pro II with twice the shaft length and twice the flight or wing width as the Pro which is a class leader when it comes to screw in tent pegs.  Not just for sand and loose ground either.  We have used them in hard clay also.  Sometimes the ground is very hard so we pre drill a pilot hole then drive the GroundGrabba Pro  and Pro II’s in with a hefty impact wrench.

Even in loose soft ground of sand the GroundGrabba Pro II will hold your largest shade structure, tarp or marquee.  GroundGrabbas really are state of art when it comes to screw in tent pegs. To be honest, GroundGrabbas are premium ground anchors, head and shoulders above screw in tent pegs.

Don’t forget our 30 day money back guarantee to make your purchase risk free.

Sometimes people get our name GroundGrabba mistaken for Ground Grabber but we can assure you that our name is GroundGrabba as Trademarked.