Screw In Tent Peg and Ground Anchor Reviews

Verified Customer Reviews From here in Australia and the USA

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5.0 out of 5 stars Very Strong September 28, 2019 Verified Purchase My portable garage stayed planted at 65+ mph winds no issues.

Amazon USA
5.0 out of 5 stars Great Anchors October 6, 2019 Verified Purchase We were looking for a way to secure several large (10×20) tents for our tailgate that we put on. We’ve tried cement weights, water jugs, etc and while they all worked, they were a pain to transport and took up a ton of space. No type of anchor we tried work in the rocky soil. That is until we found these. Ground Grabbas work great. They drive in super easy with an impact driver and once in hold great even in moderately windy weather with some gusts. We have several we bought directly from the manufacturer and these four were for a new tent we added.

We’ve also used these camping in sandy soil and they worked great. I highly recommend them. Well worth every penny!

The only minor negative and it’s mainly with the way we use them is the included hooks don’t stay in place if the Ground Grabbas are placed too close to the tent. As a result we actually use them with D-ring shackles a lot of the time. ((Team GroundGrabba response here…… we also recommend the use of D shackles or Bow Shackles when needing to hold extreme tensions because the HexHooks have only been designed for ‘normal’ camping tension uses up to 200lb. They will deform and fail at around 400kg(800lb)))

GroundGrabba Pro and Pro II Drill The Heavy Duty Screw In Peg side by side on grey background next to images of tents and a jumping castle
GroundGrabba Pro and Pro II, The Heavy Duty Screw In Peg

Peter Jakubiec - installing his Communications Antenna
“The GroundGrabba has saved me a lot of time. Initially I had intention to dig a hole in the ground, place some chicken wire and steel hook and fill that with concrete – traditional way of anchoring the guy wire for communications mast. Digging in the soil like that is no fun.
GroundGrabba is an alternative for the right type of soil, it will provide with very good secure anchor for such application. In my case I have a layer of rock on top of the ground so I have used pavement tile drilled to fit the GroundGrabba through, this has stabilized the upper section horizontally.
The great thing about the product is that it can be reused so the garden will come back to its original state and I can use the GroundGrabba in a new location if I move in the future. I’m surprised that no one made such products before, sure there are similar larger units used in agriculture for example, but they are expensive and difficult to ship, and cannot be reused really. With battery drill installation it is very quick but all you really need is 19mm spanner with long handle. I’m really happy with this purchase – time saver, bit time!”Ground Anchors for Communication Antennas, Antenna Towers
Screw In Ground Anchor for Communication Antenna, Drill In Ground Anchor and Guy Rope attachment with HexHook Pro
Screw In Ground Anchor for Communication Antenna, Drill In Ground Anchor and Guy Rope attachment with HexHook Pro
Groundgrabba Combo Pack canopy, tarps, gazebo, tents, camper trailers, caravans
Groundgrabba Combo Pack canopy, tarps, gazebo, tents, camper trailers, caravans

Amazon USA
Sandy Beck
5.0 out of 5 stars Securing Your Beach Umbrella October 12, 2019 Verified Purchase The strongest stake I’ve ever used-comes with the tool to screw them in and out of the sand/dirt. They’re good for securing tents, beach umbrellas, etc.

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5.0 out of 5 stars If you like cheap tent pegs don’t get these. July 13, 2019 Verified Purchase These things could hold the space shuttle on the launch pad.
You get what you pay for.

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Lynn 5.0 out of 5 stars Works great for our Coolaroo Sun Shade October 13, 2019 Verified Purchase Texas plains winds are an issue for us trying to keep things down, these did the trick.

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dennis wehr
5.0 out of 5 stars I would definitely recommend these to anyone September 30, 2019 Verified Purchase They work awesome for any tent or canopy

GroundGrabba Lite Screw In Tent Pegs for sand showing dimensions length of 400mm
GroundGrabba Lite Screw In Tent Pegs for sand

Amazon USA
5.0 out of 5 stars Well worth the $$$, in you camp a lot…October 17, 2019 Verified Purchase

These are awesome…used on a month long trip to Jasper, Banff and Glacier NP. Beats hammering in stakes. Quick and easy both driving in and removing. These are.pricey but if you camp a lot great investment. Now keep all my stakes and impact driver in one bag…