Screw In Sand Pegs

Screw In Sand Pegs

Before you make up your mind about which screw in sand pegs are best for you, you need to have a think about what your main purpose is for them.  What will you need to secure down to the sand?  Will it be a huge tarp, beach dome, pop up gazebo, batwing, pull out annexe, volleyball nets, a tent or something else?

There are so many solutions to sand peg needs and the GroundGrabba Pro II is a premium one.  The GroundGrabba Pro II drill driven screw in sand pegs reach 600mm deep into the sand and provide extreme anchoring compared to other varieties.   Although you can wind them in by hand they’ve been designed to make life easier for you by letting your cordless drill do all the hard work.

The GroundGrabba Pro II are twice the length of our GroundGrabba Pro (which are 300mm and not for sand use) and with wider flights (wings) which adds up to outstanding grip in the softest sand. For your further choice take a look at our GroundGrabba Lite’s . Made of tough glass reinforced nylon and are light weight.  GroundGrabba Lites are versatile and made for loose soft sand.  Keep a couple in your car in case you need to tie your dog or shade down.

screw in tent pegs by GroundGrabba
GroundGrabba Pro II Screw in sand pegs for the ultimate in ground anchoring

With the GroundGrabba Pro II you’ll feel super confident and secure whenever you hit the beach camping. Whether at camping grounds, the beach or 4WDriving rocky or sandy deserts, pop up gazebos or annexes will stay put giving you the freedom to holiday with your family and friends.
All GroundGrabba Pegs come with a 19mm Hex head for easy driving into the ground with a Hex Driver socket into your cordless drill.

GroundGrabba Pro II with massive grip in most all grounds you’ll know why these are the world’s best drillable screw in sand pegs. Using your heavy duty 18v Battery Drill makes deploying them easy and fast.


Not sure if the GroundGrabba Pro II drillable screw in sand pegs will work for you?  No worries, because you have a 30 day money back guarantee should you not like them and want a refund.  Not only do you get a 30 day money back guarantee, you also get a lifetime replacement warranty for the unlikely event of them breaking or even wearing out. We know how tough these are because we’ve made them using a secret process of heat treating the carbon steel at just the right temperature for just the right amount of time.  They’re also galvanised to help reduce corrosion.

The GroundGrabba Lite comes with a 12 month manufacturers warranty against defects.

Screw in sand pegs GroundGrabba lite standing in sandy grass at caravan park
GroundGrabba Lite screw in sand pegs

Our GroundGrabba Lite is our light weight and duty screw in sand pegs. Available in two colours our white screw or orange screw are specifically for loose and soft ground. With super aggressive flights (wings ) that cut into the ground and hold like talons.

GroundGrabba Po II has 12mm anchor flights to a depth of 600mm perfect screw in sand pegs anchoring in deep, soft, wet beach or desert dune sand.

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GroundGrabba Lite

Made of super tough glass reinforced nylon that is lightweight and has amazing grip in loose and soft grounds.  With aggressive screw threads to cut and hold you’ll feel secure knowing your shade structure or tent is being held with these babies.    With several different ways to drive them into the ground….  use your cordless drill, 19mm socket, wrench, wheel brace or hand wind them in.

GroundGrabba Lite screw in sand pegs being drill driven into sandy grass at Hastings Point
GroundGrabba Lite Screw In Sand Pegs
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GroundGrabba Pro II

Click the link above to see the results of an independent test showing the GroundGrabba Pro II held to over 700kg in a 45 degree tension test.  The GroundGrabba Pro II are the perfect drill driven screw in sand pegs and solution to anchoring in sand or soft earth.  Perhaps you enjoy desert exploring, if so you will find the GroundGrabba Pro II has the best anchoring ability you will find for soft dry desert dunes also.  You can them it in normal grounds also especially if you have a large structure to hold secure.   We have personally tested  these in a horizontal pull tension test to over 1 ton.

GroundGrabba Pro II screw in sand pegs being drill driven into beach sand at Hastings Point
GroundGrabba Pro II Screw In Sand Pegs Ground Anchor


Use Your Cordless Battery Drill

Load your ute and make sure you pack all the things you need like….solar panels…deep cycle batteries…..Pop Ups…..Camp Kitchen including the kitchen sink and food processors….18v cordless battery drill and saw to name but a few.

GroundGrabbas have been designed for ease of use and speed when driven in by a cordless drill.  We highly recommend at least 18v of high torque and quality.  You can use an impact wrench also and brushless motors are preferred.    Just clip in your 19mm Hex Socket Driver and away you go. Never use an impact wrench with the GroundGrabba Lite made of glass reinforced nylon.



GroundGrabba Pro II’s hold solid like no other drill driven screw in sand peg in substrates from loose sand to hard ground.

But don’t take our word for it…….

We are 100% certain you’ll agree….if not, your money back!

How many other brands do that?

Screw In Sand Pegs Are Not All Equal

Not all screw in sand pegs are alike, just like not all screw in tent pegs are alike.   Some screw in sand pegs are made to be screwed in by hand and others by cordless drill. Some screw in sand pegs are steel whilst others are made from a composite material like nylon.

It is important to know that just because something is labelled as a screw in sand peg, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are.  Take a look at the image below of several different screw-in sand pegs.

screw in sand peg

Look At The Different Shapes and Logic Tells You Which Ones Are Best For Sand

You can see the blue screw in sand pegs are made to hand screw into the sand whereas the others are made to be driven with a cordless drill.  The blue long blue one has wide flights to really anchor well into soft sand…that is if you can wind them down far enough without the shaft snapping.  But in the softest of sands like you may find in a desert they’d be great if you’re not affected by RSI.    Our GroundGrabba Pro II screw in sand pegs as seen on the right hand side of this image is made of specially heat treated carbon steel and made not only to reach deep into the softest sand but can screw down into hard clay also.

You only need to look a little critically at the different screw in sand pegs to immediately see some just couldn’t possibly hold in soft sand.  Also seen in the image above is our GroundGrabba Pro which are not made as screw in sand pegs but for normal to hard grounds. Our GroundGrabba Lites as you can clearly see has very aggressive flights that makes them amazing screw in sand pegs in loose or soft grounds too.

They’re Lite 

The GroundGrabba Lite is our “lite” solution to your screw in sand pegging needs.  But not just for the beach either.  You have the option of hand screwing them into the soft ground or sand or use a 19mm wrench too.  With the built in hook it means no little pieces to loose. It’s kind of a loose ground all-rounder.

Compare the metallic one on the left hand side. It has an orange plastic version of the same. Look critically at it for its sand holding ability.  Not much right?   It is no where near the same screw in sand peg class as the long blue one or either GroundGrabba’s.

Pro’s for a Good Reason

The GroundGrabba Pro II is galvanised for resistance to corrosion however it can wear off and expose the raw steel.  If this happens you will get a surface rust build up which will not affect its performance and will also be removed as you screw these pegs into the sand or ground kind of like sand papering would.

But the GroundGrabba Pro II is not just a drill driven screw in peg for sand. It can be driven into most ground types…. just not the hardest unless you drill a pilot hole first.   And no matter what ground type you screw these pegs into, they will give you the most ground holding you’ve ever experienced from a tent peg or sand peg.

Not Ground Grabber

Occasionally people call us Ground Grabber. I can assure you we are GroundGrabba and not Ground Grabber.

GroundGrabba screw in tent pegs or sand pegs are not available from Bunnings, BCF or any other retail outlet but only available online through GroundGrabba or one of our associates.