Rocky and Hard Ground Anchors

Rocky and Hard Ground Anchors

It may seem obvious to you and I, that any ground anchor for Rocky and Hard Ground Anchors must be very robust. Our GroundGrabba Pro and GroundGrabba Pro II are just that!  They are made of carbon steel that’s been heat treated and galvanised. They’re so strong we give you a 100% replacement warranty should you break them or wear them out. You’ll just love the massive grip afforded in most ground types.  Of course a screw in ground anchor cannot do the impossible and penetrate rock or work around large obstructions. Sometimes you’ll need to create a hack to solve your problem.   In super hard ground you could pre-drill a hole.

Ground Anchors For Rocky Environments


The GroundGrabba Pro (300mm) and it’s bigger brother the GroundGrabba Pro ll, (600mm) in length are ready for the ground anchoring task you want to give them. Our GroundGrabba’s are not only rocky and hard ground anchors but that can handle the soft stuff as well.
GroundGrabbas screw in rocky and hard ground anchors
GroundGrabbas screw in rocky and hard ground anchors
We designed GroundGrabba screw in heavy duty ground anchors for exactly that task.   We did not opt for a cheap and underperforming method of a longer version of a wood screw. The Flights (wings or spirals) protrude up the shaft for a specific portion and at a specific angle to maximise the pulling power of the screw/augur design and to grip hard once in.

With cement like grip the GroundGrabba Pro  will bite hard into most ground types from semi soft loam to hard packed gravel.   Suitable for all but the softest ground for your tent, shade structure or tethering your dog. For soft grounds then you’ll love our GroundGrabba Pro II’s. For concrete like hard ground we recommend pre-drilling a pilot hole  minimum of 10mm wide x 300mm deep AND you have a powerful cordless drill.

GroundGrabba Pro II Ground Anchors for rocky ground, hard packed dry clay or to the softest sands…..GroundGrabba has your back.   Our GroundGrabba Pro II with their massive grip holds like no other.

GroundGrabba Ground Anchors In Forests shown with HexHook Pro attached
GroundGrabba Pro

Naturally GroundGrabba’s will not go through rock or concrete. If there are too many large rocks GroundGrabbas will not work. You’ll need to find an alternative.

GroundGrabba Pro II Ground Anchors In Forests shown with HexHook Pro attached
GroundGrabba Pro II

GroundGrabba Pro II,  and GroundGrabba Pro for the ultimate in massive grip.  Fast, safe and secure, designed to handle the punishment thats why there are also Rocky and Hard Ground Anchors.  Let your drill do the hard work driving them in and the part I like best….removing them.


Rocky and Hard Grounds or hard clay, a GroundGrabba screw in ground anchor is more easily drill driven in with a cordless impact wrench.

Sometimes in hard or rocky ground the only chance of using a ground anchor in rocky and hard ground is by pre drilling a hole.


Old Hammer in Stakes

2000 years after the Romans invented the steel hammer in peg they just been surpassed now we have the cordless battery drill.  No more hammering in pegs in stakes.  Now you can screw-it.  The old hammer-in pegs don’t hold your tent, gazebos or pop ups well at all. Especially in rocky ground, thats why you should have a set of GroundGrabba’s with you on your travels.  GroundGrabbas are versatile and great as rocky and hard ground anchors.
Experience the difference of what real rocky and hard ground anchors can do, like many before you, you won’t look back!
It’s a good feeling knowing that your heavy duty drill driven screw in ground anchors are keeping your equipment well anchored and safe. They’re also fun to use.

Dubbo Pack 1 displaying GroundGrabba Pro HexHook Pro 19mm Socket Driver and bag
Dubbo Pack

Other Uses and Places

GroundGrabbas are so versatile they can be used in a multitude of environments for a multitude of uses. Check out our applications page and environments page.


Use Your Cordless Battery Drill

With all the modern equipment available today for camping and adventuring, there’s not many places we cannot reach if we wanted to.  We have the vehicles to carry more and so we load them up with new camping gadgets to help make our camping more fun.  Nowadays it is common practice to take your cordless battery drill with you…and as such we designed and created the GroundGrabba.
GroundGrabbas designed for ease of use and speed. Use your cordless drill.  We recommend a 18v brushless motor with high torque. Use either your most powerful impact wrench or normal drill.    Just clip in your 19mm Hex Socket Driver and away you go.

GroundGrabba 19mm Hex Socket driver 1
GroundGrabba 19mm Hex Socket driver 1


GroundGrabba’s stakes that hold their ground.

Don’t take our word for it, try them out for yourself.

We are 100% certain you’ll agree….if not, your money back!

How many other brands do that?


Justin Gilmore reviewed GroundGrabba 
5 star March 19


“Hands down the easiest time putting up the tent, quality is fair the best I have seen so far. Tent and Marque were secure when the wind picked up.

Was recently camping @ Jarvis Bay, had a few people come up and ask about why I was screwing in tent pegs. I can highly recommend these.”