Outdoor Play Equipment

Ground Anchors Screws For Outdoor Play Equipment

Play equipment always has to be held down for the safety of others and children. If you are in construction or kids events and activities then you may need to anchor down outdoor play equipment.  The problem is that general tent pegs don’t have the strength, often letting go and resulting in injury. This can be tragic and can cost thousands of dollars in insurance claims.
Our ground anchor series of products are made specifically for different types of terrains that hold down tight. Real tight, giving you peace of mind that your playground equipment will not move.

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Heavy Duty & Lite Screw Pegs/ Stakes for your outdoor play equipment.

We have a brilliant selection of ground screws and pegs to make life easier. Many people have different requirements for holding down different things in an outdoor playground or general play equipment. It could be for holding down a trampoline, cubby house or waterpark slide at home. You may need to anchor it strong against the wind and the sand might make it a little difficult as well if the playground equipment is on soft sand or at the beach.

Applications for our drill driven screw in pegs & stakes:

  • Jumping Castles.
  • Commercial Playground Equipment.
  • Cubby Houses.
  • Trampolines.
  • Shade Cloths and Sales.
  • Soccer Posts & Sports Equipment.

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The best thing to do when finding the right screw peg is to ask yourself what you will be drilling into, like what environment. We have a whole series of pages on our website dedicated to helping you match your requirements to the conditions you need for your outdoor playground equipment. Even if you are drilling into sand, clay or bush.
You may need a combination of different ground screws to secure your outdoor playground equipment.
For more information regarding environment landscapes to anchor into please see
GroundGrabba Environments page

GroundGrabba’s hold solid like no other in substrates from loose sand to hard ground.

But don’t take our word for it…….

We are 100% certain you’ll agree….if not, your money back!

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