Outback Ground Anchors

Outback Ground Anchors

You could be sat navigating off the beaten track in the Aussie outback or dream you are whilst setting up at the caravan park. GroundGrabbas has your back.  With heat treated carbon steel that’s galvanised it’s rugged construction you will never fear snapping these.  For touring the Aussie outback ground anchors need to be tough, bloody tough. You wont be treating them like their fragile because often you’ll need to exert a lot of force to drive them into the hardest grounds.

Outback ground anchors laying next to each other on the clay surface
GroundGrabba Outback Ground Anchors

For successful deployment into extra hard grounds you will need to drill a pilot hole of at least 10mm x 300mm with our masonry drill bit.
Your GroundGrabba Pro’s once driven-in will be so strong you’ll find it anchors like steel set into cement.  They won’t budge.    But sometimes outback you’ll find yourself in desert sand or the infamous Aussie red dirt in which case using GroundGrabba Pro II’s will provide the best deep reaching and anchoring for you.


GroundGrabba Pro II Concrete like grip even in the outback desert sand dunes for your tent, shade structure or even tethering your dog.

Outback Ground Anchors GroundGrabba Pro II Heavy Duty Steel Screw in Peg Ground Anchor that can be drill driven inground slice view
Inground slice view GroundGrabba Pro II Outback Heavy Duty Steel Screw in Peg Ground Anchor

GroundGrabba Pro, the general purpose and most amazing outback ground anchor.  Made to be punished so your camp set up can be safe.  All our Pro products have a lifetime replacement warranty against breakage or wearing out.

GroundGrabba Pro Outback Ground Anchors shown with white background with dimensions
GroundGrabba Pro Outback Heavy Duty Desert Ground Anchors

GroundGrabba Pro and GroundGrabba Pro II. Take several of each with you to cover most of your anchoring needs.


Use Your Cordless Battery Drill

Outback expeditions nowadays often includes taking your cordless battery drill and kit accessories.
GroundGrabbas have been designed for ease of use with a cordless drill.  We recommend a brushless motor of at least 18v for maximum torque.  Use either an impact wrench or normal brushless hammer drill.    All GroundGrabba’s have a 19mm hex head so you can use one of our 19mm Hex Drivers or one from your socket kit.

GroundGrabba’s have massive grip in most all ground types, loose sand to hard ground.

Try it risk free for yourself…….

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