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Ground Anchors For Hotels & Resorts

There are times and reasons why you will need to anchor down your Hotels outdoor furniture. Maybe it’s because of theft or maybe it’s hurricanes?  Whatever your reason, GroundGrabba can help.  We have a choice of three GroundGrabba ground anchors for hotels and resorts available in Australia for you to choose from.
Sooner or later you will need to secure your hotels expensive outdoor furniture, shade structures or games. GroundGrabba Ground Anchors for Hotels and Resorts are perfect for events you may host such as wedding which usually require tarps and pergolas. Also even temporary shade sail.

Heavy Duty & Lite Screw Pegs for your Hotel or Resort

Our selection of ground screws and pegs make life easier and your work more efficient too.
Once you have GroundGrabbas in your hotels equipment store you will find many ways in which they will be of great value.   For More informations see GrounGrabba Environments page.

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Applications for our drill driven screw in pegs may include:

Outdoor Furniture, Big Tarps,  Swimming Pool Umbrellas,  Awnings,  Play Equipment, Weddings & Parties Landscaping or construction.
The best thing to do when finding the right screw peg is to ask yourself what you will be drilling into, like what environment. We have a whole series of pages on our website dedicated to helping you match your requirements to the conditions you need for your Hotel or Resort.
For more information regarding environment landscapes to anchor into please see GroundGrabba Environments page.

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GroundGrabba The Best Most Solid Ground Anchors for Hotels and Resorts

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