Ground Anchor Designs

Ground Anchor Designs & Reviews

There is a huge selection of designs and styles for different applications when it comes to ground anchors for different purposes. We have collated a list of all different styles, types, and brands for you to go through.  Please feel free to ask us any question by sending us an email anytime.
The list below has some extra pages for you to click through to read more about the application or product.

RV Daily carried out independent tests and their results are here.

Bunnings Whites Wires Screw in Tent Pegs supa-peg tent stakes screw screw in ground anchors
Peggy Peg screw tent stakes heavy duty screw tent stakes orange screw anchor
Hex Pegs heavy duty stakes screw in orange ground screw groundanchor screw
Coach Bolts screw tent stakes heavy duty orange screw sand ground anchor screw
Screw anchor heavy duty screw stakes canopy tent stake kit the orange screw
Screw in tent stakes screw-in ground anchors tent stake screw orange screws
Screw in sand stakes stake sand tent canopy stake hex pegs
Earth auger anchors tent screw stakes screw ground anchor orange peg
Earth screw sand tent stakes screw peggy peg stakes sand
screw in tent pegs screw in tent stakes ground screw anchor  
dirt anchors anchor ground screw screw ground anchor  
Screw piles canopy tent stakes supa-peg  
screw in anchors ground screwstakes heavy duty canopy tent stakes heavy duty  
screw in anchor anchors ground sand stake tent stakes sand  
supa peg big orange screw orange screw  
pegs orange sand stakes orange pegs  


GroundGrabba Lite Screw In Sand Peg and Loose Soft Ground 1
GroundGrabba Lite

GroundGrabba Pro Heavy Duty Screw In Pegs for outdoor events and festivals
GroundGrabba Pro
GroundGrabba Pro II Heavy Duty Drill Driven Steel Screw In Sand Peg Stake GroundAnchor for Camping and Outdoor Ground Anchoring
GroundGrabba Pro II


Here David introduces the GroundGrabba range. Please note the SandGrabba Lite name referred to in this video has been renamed GroundGrabba Lite and also comes in orange.

Susu demonstrates drill screwing in a GroundGrabba Pro into grass.