Film and Videography Anchoring Equipment

Film and Videography Anchoring Equipment

Film Rigging Ground Anchors Screws

If you are a grip, needing a robust ground anchor to secure your rigging. A solution that won’t move and is not just a screw in tent peg, then the GroundGrabba pro series is what you need. GroundGrabba’s are perfect for film rigging ground anchors screws that has extreme bite in the ground.

ground anchors for film and videography
Ground anchors for film and videography

Heavy Duty & Lite Screw Pegs/ Stakes for your film and video production setup.

We have a brilliant selection of ground screws and pegs to make life easier. Many people have different requirements for holding down different things on a film set. It could be for holding down a scrim or when you are building or wanting to anchor a set outside. You may need to anchor it strong against the wind and the sand might make it a little difficult as well if the shots are taken on a beach.
Our equipment is tough and ready for you to use.

GroundGrabba Pro Heavy Duty Drill Driven Screw In Tent Peg Ground Anchor with Dimensions
GroundGrabba Pro Heavy Duty Drill Driven Screw In Tent Peg Ground Anchor
GroundGrabba Pro II Desert Ground Anchors shown with white background with dimensions
GroundGrabba Pro II Heavy Duty Desert Ground Anchors

Applications for our drill driven screw in pegs & stakes:

Film & Video
Set Building
Scrim Anchoring

GroundGrabba Pro II is the best loose ground and beach ground anchor you will find today for also holding larger structures. Easy to insert taking only seconds. Massive Grip.

Film and Videography Ground Anchors
GroundGrabba film and videography ground anchors

GroundGrabba Pro with flights to aggressively anchor 300mm deep in loose to hardest of substrates. In ground hard as concrete we recommend you to first drill a pilot hole.

Film and videography Ground Anchors
GroundGrabba Pro GroundGrabba film and videography ground anchors

As the name suggests our GroundGrabba Lite is the light weight version made specifically for soft, loose or sandy substrates.  With super aggressive flights (wings or spirals) to tear into the earth and bite hard.

Film and Videography Ground Anchors for sand
GroundGrabba Lite Sand Ground Anchors for FIlm and Videography


The best thing to do when finding the right screw peg is to ask yourself what you will be drilling into, like what environment. We have a whole series of pages on our website dedicated to helping you match your requirements to the conditions you need for your special film or video setup.
You may need a combination of different ground screws.
For more information regarding environment landscapes to anchor into please see
GroundGrabba environments page.

GroundGrabba Pro

GroundGrabba Pro is the all rounder for most of your outdoor anchoring needs. Made of Galvanized heat treated carbon steel it has a lifetime replacement warranty.     For use in most substrate types soft to very hard. In extremely hard ground you will need to drill a pilot hole as you would if you were to drill into concrete.  Unlike conventions hammer in stake/pegs these are made to let a drill do the work to drive in our GroundGrabba film rigging ground anchors screws.

GroundGrabba Pro II

GroundGrabba Pro II are the perfect beach ground anchors and solution to anchoring in sand or soft earth.  Also secures extremely well in desert sand you will find the GroundGrabba Pro II has the best anchoring ability.  You can use it in normal grounds also especially if you have a large structure to hold secure.   We have personally tested  these in a sideways pull tension test to over 1 ton in average grass laid ground. With that tremendous grip why not try our film rigging ground anchors screws?


Use Your Cordless Battery Drill

GroundGrabbas have been designed for speed and ease of use when driven in by a cordless drill.  We recommend at least 18v of high torque and quality.  Brushless motors are our choice for either impact wrench or normal drill.    Just clip in your 19mm Hex Socket Driver and away you go. GroundGrabba Lite’s are not to be used with impact drivers.

GroundGrabba’s hold solid like no other in substrates from loose sand to hard ground.

But don’t take our word for it…….

We are 100% certain you’ll agree….if not, your money back!

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