Drill Driven Screw In Tent Pegs Test Review

Drill Driven Screw In Tent Pegs Test Review

RVDailey.com.au article by Mark Allen. We were contacted by Mark Allen of RV Dailey.com.au in February 2018 when we were asked for samples of our GroundGrabba’s for his news article review. Mark was to carry out a review of hammer in tent pegs versus  screw-in drill driven tent pegs test review.   In issue 31 page 157 Mark explains the tests he carried out.

RV Daily Screw In Tent Peg Test Review 1

RV Daily Screw In Tent Peg Test Review 2

Mark carried out tests with both the old fashioned hammer in pegs as well as drill driven screw in tent pegs too. RV Dailey tests revealed few surprises to us given our own in-house (outdoor) live testing.  Our drill driven screw in tent peg ground anchors we tested against our competitor ground anchoring abilities. We were and still are very pleased with the quality and gripping power of our GroundGrabbas.
We encourage you to test and review our screw-in heavy duty drill driven GroundGrabba ground anchor tent pegs against any out there in the marketplace.

The tested brands of drill driven screw in tent stake pegs were;

Hex Pegs

Screw in Pegs

Screw Pegs Australia

Peggy Peg


Blue Screw


Drill Driven Screw In Tent Pegs Test Review Results

“If i had to stick with just one brand of screw-in peg, I’d be looking at GroundGrabba or Peggy Peg; they both offer a good range for most soil conditions and I loved the incredible ground-grabbing efforts of GroundGrabba (sorry, I thought it was funny) and the strength of their long steel version at a whopping 710kg of holding force“.


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RV Daily Screw In Tent Peg Test Review 4

Still unsure of just how good GroundGrabbas are?   After your purchase if you are not satisfied that your GroundGrabbas do not perform and hold as well as the test results or our claims you have 30 days to return them for your money back.

GroundGrabbas are a premium ground anchor product which surpass that of ordinary screw-in pegs.

Mark was supplied with several of each variety we manufacture.
GroundGrabba Lite (For soft and loose ground)
GroundGrabba Pro (For most ground types)
GroundGrabba Pro II (For extreme grip even in beach sand)

Both the GroundGrabba Pro and Pro II being incredibly strong, they come with a lifetime replacement warranty.
GroundGrabba Lite’s screw design is so aggressive that it rips into loose soft ground and anchor grips like cement.

For solid hold like no other in ground from loose sand to hard pack…GroundGrabba.

But don’t take our word for it…….

We are 100% certain you’ll agree….if not, your money back!

How many other brands do that?

Part of The GroundGrabba Journey

We are proud of the recognition and acknowledgement given to our GroundGrabbas.  It has been years of research and engineering to bring them to the market.  During the journey and countless meetings with engineers we chose a path to create a dedicated device and not just a generic one.
Engineers tried to persuade us to just use a roofing screw style like others have done which you can plainly see in the test but we resisted.  We knew that we wanted one designed specifically for the ground and not a wood screw adaptation.  A screw-in tent peg stake which was heavy duty and for your cordless drill to do the work.

Not Just An Adapted Wood Screw

During the journey we had around thirty versions we made and tested until we settled on our current models which had to: a/work and b/be commercially saleable.  Many versions we made worked brilliantly but would cost way too much to manufacture.
GroundGrabbas are not just churned out in a machine.  They are made of several individual components expertly welded together, heat treated then galvanised. As opposed to a one step machine process which is a much cheaper way of manufacturing.


Easy, fast and great ground anchoring the GroundGrabba Pro is our general purpose screw in tent peg ground anchor. Heavy duty made for your cordless drill to do the hard work. Our GroundGrabba Pros are perfect for use in different environments too.

Easy and fast deployment into sand and loose grounds and even more solid grounds too.  The GroundGrabba Pro grips like no other in sand and loose grounds. It is more than just a screw in tent peg ground anchor. These are used for a wide variety of purposes.

GroundGrabba Lite is the lightweight and easy solution to anchoring into loose soft ground or sand.  See the aggressive flights that cut deep into the ground.


We’d like to acknowledge Mark Allen and RV Daily for carrying out the test review of the wide range of screw in tent pegs for normal ground and sand available on the market today.  Marks test results of the various screw in tent peg stakes reinforced our own test results which we are proud of.


Our GroundGrabba Lites are super easy to use in sand and loose ground.

Watch Susu easily and simply drive the GroundGrabba Pro II into beach sand.

Just sit your cordless drill on top of your GroundGrabba Pro and away you go.

Whilst testing for maximum hold at a campground something unexpected happened.

Our own sand tension test Vs competitors.

Tieing down light aircraft is yet another application for GroundGrabbas.