Drill Driven Screw In Sand Peg With Real Bite

Drill Driven Screw In Sand Peg With Real Bite

Do you love 4WD adventuring or just going out discovering new places camping?  Do you prefer to invest in quality camping and adventuring equipment that will last decades? If you are then you will appreciate the life time quality and function of our GroundGrabba Pegs for sand.  GroundGrabbas are drill driven screw in sand peg with real bite.
It won’t take you long to find out why we say that GroundGrabbas are the best drill driven screw in sand peg with real bite!

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How many other brands do that?

GroundGrabba Lite

Although it called “Lite” it is extreme when it comes to grip in sandy loose grounds.

Image of a drill driven screw in sand peg with real bite GroundGrabba Lite coloured orange
GroundGrabba Lite drill driven screw in sand peg with real bite
GroundGrabba Pro II

For the absolute maximum in grip in soft beach sand or sand dunes.  Also can be used in average ground densities.

Image showing a in ground cut view of the GroundGrabba Pro II drill driven screw in sand peg with real bite
GroundGrabba Pro II drill driven screw in sand peg with real bite

See RV Daily’s test review on screw in tent and sand pegs in which GroundGrabba were given a huge thumbs up!

RV Daily Screw In Tent Peg Test Review 3
RV Daily Screw In Tent Peg Test Review 3

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See how easy it is to drill your GroundGrabba Pro II into beach sand. Set your 19mm hex Driver  into your drill’s chuck apply downward pressure and hold your drill firmly as you apply slow even speed.

GroundGrabba Pro II has extreme grip in most ground varieties

5 star  July 23, 2017

“Very happy with my GGs. Incredibly firm in ground and sturdy over the whole 6 days our festival structure was up. Easy to put in and to pull out. Highest quality camping equipment that will last the test of time.”

Seven Reasons Why You Need GroundGrabba for Beach or Sand Dune Camping

  1. Choice of two varieties for loose ground and sandy soils
  2. Reach deep and wide for maximum grip
  3. Wide Flights (wings) extend out from the shaft grab and bite hard into sand
  4. Super strong galvanised heat treated carbon steel or Special blend glass mix nylon
  5. All GorundGrabba’s have a 19mm Hex Head, A popular size in 4WD and Caravans
  6. Use your good quality high torque cordless battery drill (cheap toy drills wont work)
  7. Lifetime replacement warranty on all Pro products

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Secret Video Comparison Testing Of Competitor Products

Check out our secret comparison tests which until now were kept under wraps.

Here are our findings. See for yourself.

GroundGrabba Pro II remained anchored deep in the sand when the best competitor was dragged clear.

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See Our Beach Sand Tension Test For Yourself

We attached a winch rope to the top of a GroundGrabba Pr II which was fully immersed in beach sand.  We then attached the other end of the rope to 1 ton crane scales. Using a iphone’s Slo Mo video setting we recorded the read out of the crane scales.  The Slo Mo playback revealed a maximum tension of over half a ton!

That’s insane!  Try to do that with ordinary sand pegs.

Using crane scales and some slow mo video we were able to find out just how much one of our GroundGrabba Pro II’s can hold even in soft beach sand.  The answer will astound you!

A real solution for real beach and sand dune campers!

Why settle for anything less?

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Guess What?……  GroundGrabba’s are not just for sand!

Although our GroundGrabba Pro II’s give unimaginable grip in sand, they give even more extreme grip in your average ground.  GroundGrabba Lite’s are also not just for sand but can be used in sandy loam ground types too. No doubt though that GroundGrabba Pro II’s are the best solution for holding large shade or temporary structures where extreme grip is needed.

Don’t believe me?

See what happened when we wanted to test the anchoring ability of our GroundGrabba Pro II’s in a campground near Grafton NSW

THIS HAPPENED >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Justin Gilmore reviewed GroundGrabba 
5 star March 19

“Hands down the easiest time putting up the tent, quality is fair the best I have seen so far. Tent and Marque were secure when the wind picked up.

Was recently camping @ Jarvis Bay, had a few people come up and ask about why I was screwing in tent pegs. I can highly recommend these.”

“I think they’re amazing how many different applications could you use it for list goes on”

“So my partner and I purchased these awhile back and finally got some time to test them out and wow worth every cent. We were hit with strong winds and everything stayed down fine. My boyfriend is a tradie so he used his cordless drill to screw them in so it took no time at all. Thanks GroundGrabba!! Highly recommend, I’ll never be able to go back to standard pegs”

Not Just For Sand

GroundGrabba Pro II’s and GroundGrabba Lite’s are versatile answers to your outdoor recreational anchoring pegging needs..    You name…anchor it with GroundGrabba.

Screw GroundGrabba’s down in multiple environments be it sand, sandy grass or sandy loam.  It all depends on what your needs are.  For more information see GroundGrabba’s applications page.

Time to get rid of your old stakes because GroundGrabba is here.

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If you look for GroundGrabba screw in tent pegs and screw in sand pegs at Bunnings or BCF you’ll find it impossible because GroundGrabbas are only sold here online and through our associated websites.

Sometimes people mistakenly refer to us as Ground Grabber but we can assure you we are GroundGrabba as Trademarked.