Desert Ground Anchors

Desert Ground Anchors

Something new about desert ground anchors is happening! Instantly when you start screwing your GroundGrabba Pro or Pro II into the substrate you’ll feel the massive grip. Whether the desert is sandy or hard dry and cracked clay. GroundGrabba make the ultimate in Desert Ground Anchors.   We have two models both made out of super strong heat treated carbon steel that has been galvanised.  GroundGrabba Pro and pro II the ultimate desert ground anchors ever created. The harshest of environments and powerful winds prove little challenge to your 3×3, 3×6 pop up gazebos, tents or roll out awnings when anchored by GroundGrabba!

GroundGrabba desert Ground Anchors shown standing and laying on the clay desert with mountains in the background
GroundGrabba Desert Ground Anchors


Whenever we are about to head out for a desert camping experience there is so much on our minds. Water, food, the right clothing, supplies and accessories. Deserts are a desolate place and if you aren’t prepared, may you be a brilliant improviser or things might not go so well.
With high day temperatures and low night temperatures, much of the activity during a desert camping trip can be in the evenings sitting around a fire, or in the early mornings before the day warms up. Along with the extreme temperatures of the desert environment wind and sand become a factor to consider when planning for your trip.

Since there is little vegetation in desert environments winds can really pick up, carrying with them lots of sand and dust. To prepare for this taking along a durable tent that seals well is important. Keeping your tent with you for the duration of your stay is equally important, for this some quality ground anchoring is required. Traditional tent stakes just don’t meet the mark in sandy ground. The Ground Grabba’s spiral-shaped flights are ideal for anchoring in loose substrates like desert sand.

GroundGrabba Pro Heavy Duty Drill Driven Screw In Tent Peg Ground Anchor with Dimensions
GroundGrabba Pro Heavy Duty Drill Driven Screw In Tent Peg Ground Anchor
GroundGrabba Pro II Desert Ground Anchors shown with white background with dimensions
GroundGrabba Pro II Heavy Duty Desert Ground Anchors

Depending on the size of the tent, gazebo or other structure you would like to anchor we have various options available. The longer GroundGrabba Pro II is suitable for large tents or structures that require serious anchoring. Our GroundGrabba Pro is suited for small to medium size tents and smaller structures. Both do a brilliant job and anchoring requirements can easily be increased by adding a few more to secure your structure.

Why GroundGrabba’s are great in the Desert

Their flights allow GroundGrabba’s to remain securely anchored in the sand when pulled from any angle.  Traditional tent stakes don’t have the same anchoring abilities, especially in loose sand where GroundGrabba’s excel.
Ground Grabba’s are quick to put in and fast to take out. With a battery operated drill and a few GroundGrabba’s you can have your desert camp locked down tight in no time.  Brilliant for 4WD adventuring too.

GroundGrabba Ground Anchors for Extreme 4WD Off Road
GroundGrabba Ground Anchors for Extreme 4WD Off Road

Made out of solid steel, they are durable and won’t let you down where cheaper alternatives might perish or break. When your way out in the desert you need equipment you can rely on. You can rely on the strength, quality and durability of the GroundGrabba Pro series.

Being relatively large you need fewer GroundGrabba’s to secure your desert camp and this means less chance of losing them too. Small stakes go missing all the time, especially in loose sand.


GroundGrabbas are specifically designed and purposefully built. Made for super grip, performance and grip in be it hard cracked clay or soft desert sand.  GroundGrabba Pro the all rounder and Pro II has massive anchoring capacity even in the softest of desert sand.  Your largest desert tarp, tent or annexe will be safe with your GroundGrabba desert ground anchors.

From the Sahara’s softest sand dunes to Nevada’s Black Rock Deserts flat pan of compressed hard cracked clay.  The Grip you will experience from GroundGrabba will be like nothing you thought possible from as desert ground anchor.

Both our Pro series GroundGrabbas are made of super strong carbon steel thats been heat treated and galvanised so no need to be shy with them. Our Pro series come with a lifetime replacement warranty to prove it!


For harder desert substrates or for your regular deployment use the GroundGrabba Pro will exceed your expectations for desert ground anchors. Made of carbon steel galvanized and heat treated it has a lifetime replacement warranty if by chance you do happen to break one or even wear it out!    Whether it is loose ground or hard packed, the GroundGrabba Pro will work for you. In extremely hard desert ground you may need to drill a pilot hole as you would if you were to drill into concrete.

GroundGrabba Pro II

For best anchoring the GroundGrabba Pro II is the ultimate portable desert ground anchors available today. An exciting solution to anchoring for even your largest structures in soft desert sand.  If you enjoy desert exploring you will find the GroundGrabba Pro II will help you enjoy your desert exploring  by the knowledge your structures will be safe and secure and of course fast to anchor. In our own private tests the GroundGrabba Pro II remained anchored in the sand with a 1 Ton sideways tension pull test.


Use Your Cordless Battery Drill

There are so many camping gadgets and accessories available today to make our outdoor or camping experience more fun and easier. From deep cycle batteries, inverters, solar panels and of course the cordless battery drill. Today we have more options for transportation with larger utes and American style pickup trucks and vans with greater load carrying capacity.  We load up and off we go. Just don’t forget your battery charger.
We’ve designed our GroundGrabbas to be used primarily with a cordless drill to make set up and pack down much easier and faster. We recommend a minimum 18v with high torque preferably  a drill with a brushless motor and or an impact wrench.    Just clip in your 19mm Hex Socket Driver and away you go.

With grip like no other GroundGrabba is the ultimate in hard to loose ground.

With a 100% Money Back Guarantee you don’t need to take our word for it…….

How many other brands do that?