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Camping near Grafton May 2019

Heavy Duty or Not Heavy Duty…

In the wee hours of Saturday morning we were woken by a strong windstorm smashing up our site. We were up like every 2 hrs (3 times) fixing dropped ropes or broken loops in the guy ropes etc. Our bad…. when we set up we ALWAYS use our PoleGrabba’s …this time we neglected to!😱 All the while our GroundGrabba stakes never budged…yippeee, if only everything else worked as well! After putting the PoleGrabba’s on and securing everything we headed back to bed.

The wind came in waves. The next time we were up was after the tarps corner ripped out and let the immediate area around it flap wildly. I got Susu to hold it whilst I gathered a rope to bind it. Susu was almost lifted off her feet as the wind howled.

On the fourth occasion, snuggled back up in bed, we kind of just lay there and then the windstorm grew even more violent. Wind howling, eyes wide, listening until we heard a BAM….. shit… Out we went to see what carnage lay before us this time? About five poles down and the tarp flapping wildly. We ended up with a skylight in our tarp, ripped corner, ripped out D loops. Basically a written off tarp and several steel poles too. We had NEVER experienced something like this, ever.

In the morning we had beautiful blue skies, no wind and calm. It didn’t reflect what we had experienced at all. We headed off to Grafton to replace the tarp… with a Heavy Duty one like we already had (or so we thought!) As it turned out it was less of a heavy duty one in comparison to what we were replacing. We only discovered that when we drove back an hour in the bush to set the new tarp up. Needless to say for the rest of the time we never had a return of howling forces.

The words Heavy Duty is really misused. On our way home we stopped to return the tarp. It wasn’t easy and I had to stand my ground that the tarp was NOT Heavy Duty… using our damaged Heavy Duty tarp as an example. Then I was told what I needed was an EXTREME Heavy Duty tarp. Sheesh…who’d of thought! We live and learn.
At the end of the day we realise that there are different perspectives of what’s considered Heavy Duty and what’s not. Just like when we see other tent stake designs that are narrow and smooth edged – are considered Heavy Duty. I compare our GroundGrabbas which are categorised Heavy Duty also – there’s no comparison.

Twas a fun night!

Here’s a little video

Camping - Grafton Nymboida River
Susu dodging a photo
Camping - Nymboida River, Grafton
Cutting up firewood
Camping - Nymboida River, Grafton
Yours truly securing firewood to the trailer
Camping - Nymboida River Grafton
Heavy Duty?
Camping - Nymboida River, Grafton
Susu the chief fire lighter
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