Boating and Fishing

Secure your Kayak or Tinny with a Screw in Sand Anchor

You like getting out Boating and Fishing and at times you need to secure your Tinny or Kayak to the shore.  Now it’s easy with GroundGrabba Pro II or GroundGrabba Lite the best drill driven screw in ground anchors for sand making it perfect for boating and fishing. Our ground anchor series of products are made specifically for different types of terrains that hold down tight, real tight, giving you peace of mind that your kayak or tinny will not move. This means you can pull up anywhere and secure down even if there is nothing to tie off, like a tree.  This has been a big problem for many years and now there is a simple solution to secure your boat.

boating and fishing GroundGrabba Lite partially screwed into beach sand
GroundGrabba Lite for Boating and Fishing Ground Anchoring

The images above  are GroundGrabba Lites.  Made of glass reinforced nylon it is the perfect easy solution to carry with you on your tinny or kayak for boating & fishing. The image below is the GroundGrabba Pro ll and can be driven by hand using a wrench with a 19mm socket or you can use your battery drill.

GroundGrabba Pro II the ultimate drill driven ground anchor for beach sand and loose ground.

boating and fishing ground anchor GroundGrabba Pro II being drilled into the beach
GroundGrabba Pro II for Boating and Fishing

Depending on your needs we have quite a number of pages here on our website. These can help provide you with enough information for you to use to determine the best GroundGrabba. Things like your needs in boating, fishing or kayaking. Even if you are drilling into sand, clay or bush.
If you’d like to know more about which environment landscapes GroundGrabba can help provide anchoring for please see GroundGrabba environments page.

Heavy Duty & Lite Duty Peg Stake Screws for boating and fishing

Check our brilliant group of select of ground screws and pegs to help make your water recreation easier. We are all individuals and have individual needs when it comes to holding or anchoring down their boating or fishing equipment.  Some may want to secure a boat whilst others to secure their fishing tackle or beer holder.

Some uses for GroundGrabba drill driven screw in pegs and stakes are:
secure your aluminium boat
secure fishing tackle or rod holders
secure in the water your freshly caught of the day
secure shade or pop up gazebo
secure your crab pot traps
secure your kayak or water craft

Secure your water craft to the banks of  river or a long beach.

Secure your crab pot traps.


GroundGrabba’s grip hard and strong in sand or hard ground.

But don’t take our word for it…….

We are 100% certain you’ll agree….if not, your money back!

How many other brands do that?