Beach Sand Ground Anchor Pegs

Beach Sand Ground Anchor Pegs

If you’re looking for the best way to ground anchor your dog, umbrella, shade tent or pop up gazebo at the beach is here! Using our premium GroundGrabba Pro ll (600mm)Beach Sand Ground Anchor Pegs with double the length of our premium GroundGrabba Pro (300mm) you’ll have a great time at the beach without the worry of the wind blowing all your shade away.

But before you settle on the best beach sand ground anchor pegs you best have a think about what you will use them for. Sure you need them for the sand but do you need to hold down the flat metal plate of a pop up gazebo or maybe you need them for it’s guy ropes?   Maybe you need to hold a large stretch circus tent style marquee?    How much tension you expect to hold with your beach sand ground anchor pegs will determine the best solution for you.   We have solutions here you can use for beach sand or desert dune sand too.

beach sand ground anchor pegs
GroundGrabba Pro II


You could be at Free Camping grounds near the beach or 4WDriving around the beach (or desert) sand dunes. Using GroundGrabba Pro II’s mean that your pull out annexe, awning or Pop Up shade Gazebo’s won’t be going anywhere. They’ll all stay safe and secure for a fun family day at the beach. GroundGrabba Pro II beach sand ground anchors reach deep and and anchor down with extreme holding ability.

Chatting about our beach day adventures and beach camping with friends we almost always get the same question: How do you secure your tent at the beach? How to secure a tent in beach sand? Anchoring a tent or other portable structure on sand is a matter of having a secure anchor that can withstand the wind without working loose. GroundGrabbas are premium engineered for this purpose, their spiral flights allow them to hold tight in beach sand where traditional stakes would not.
We’ve heard from people using their GroundGrabbas to anchor all sorts of things at the beach. First off is anchoring a tent of course, but there are many more, anchoring larger structures also becomes easy, for example, large shade sails and staging for events. Chairs, umbrellas and sports equipment are also no match for GroundGrabba.

GroundGrabba Pro beach sand ground anchor pegs being driven into beach sand
GroundGrabba Pro II


If you need a quick way to keep your dog safe at the beach while you “Grabba” coffee it’s easy to quickly anchor a GroundGrabba into the sand as a point to tie your dog and you can be sure that your best friend is going nowhere until you return.
A tip that we like to share with our customers is an easy way to put your umbrella up at the beach. Sometimes you may have to dig a hole in the sand to get the umbrella down to a depth that it is nice and secure and won’t blow away, which can be a bit time-consuming.  We recommend drilling a Ground Grabba into the sand, then removing it, the shaft of the umbrella can then be easily pushed into the hole.

GroundGrabba Pro II are the best ground anchor beach sand pegs in over 2000 years!  Using your cordless drill they’re easy to insert. And…Massive Grip!

GroundGrabba Lite as the name implies are a lightweight version GroundGrabba which are made specially for soft and loose ground.  The super aggressive flights (wings or spirals) are made to rip into the ground and grip with massive bite real hard.

GroundGrabba Lite beach sand ground anchor pegs
GroundGrabba Lite
GroundGrabba Lite beach sand ground anchor pegs shown holding a rope of a pop up gazebo
GroundGrabba Lite

GroundGrabba Pro II has 12mm wide flights (wings) to positively anchor 600mm down in wet beach sand or Simpson desert dunes. GroundGrabba Pro II’s are the premium drillable screw down ground anchor sand peg.



RV Daily Screw In Tent Peg Test Review 4
RV Daily Screw In Tent Peg Test Review 4

GroundGrabba Pro II

If you’re looking for the perfect solution for Beach Sand Ground Anchor Pegs in sand or soft earth then GroundGrabba Pro II’s are the ones you are looking for.  Perhaps you prefer desert exploring then you will find the GroundGrabba Pro II is nothing short of amazing in the dunes.  Use in normal grounds is exceptional  especially suited for large structures also.   Check out our side pull test in campground to over 1 ton and our sand test over 500KG below.  RV Daily has rated them in a vertical pull test at 130Kg.

GroundGrabba Pro II Heavy Duty Sand Peg Ground Anchor Drilled Into Beach Sand at Lennox Head
GroundGrabba Pro II Heavy Duty Sand Peg Ground Anchor


Use Your Cordless Battery Drill

Today many a family holiday to the beach means loading up your ute with all the modern glamping equipment like deep cycle batteries, solar panels, inverters more common is the cordless battery drill.
Ease of use, safety and security were the priority in designing GroundGrabbas. Using a cordless drill is the best way to make things easy and fast.  You’ll want to use a good quality drill preferably 18v.  Today brushless motors are gaining popularity due to their high torque low power consumption. GroundGrabba Pro II can be driven in with your choice of either impact wrench or normal drill.    All you need do is just clip in your 19mm Hex Socket Driver and away you go.   You need a good solid cordless drill to ensure success for driving in our Beach Sand Ground Anchor Pegs.

Watch David secure a camper trailer with the GroundGrabba Pro II ground anchor beach sand pegs into beach sand. The video refers to the old name of the product and the updated name is now  the GroundGrabba Pro II.  Whichever way you look at it, if you are searching for a better sand peg solution GroundGrabba is the one with massive anchoring.

Previously before the many different varieties of sand pegs that are available today, campers would use whatever they had on hand to peg out.   As we know pegging out on sand needs a special peg. Not just any old hammer in peg will work because a round bit of steel is just like a pin and has little hold against the sand.  They would use shovels or bury a stick under the sand with a rope or fill up a bag with sand.  All of those methods would work of course, it’s just they were not very convenient.  Today there’s an abundance of sand ground anchor pegs to choose from. The questions is if you like simpler quicker solutions to your beach sand ground anchor pegs need?

As you can clearly see, GroundGrabba Pro II has extreme grip even in soft sand.  They only take several seconds to drill down into the sand and even a fraction of a second to extract.   Clearly if you are looking for the best sand ground holding then GroundGrabba Pro II is for you.

If you like the idea of an all in one beach ground anchor peg with a built in hook, then look at the GroundGrabba Lite.  It is light in weight but in soft loose ground it has immense grip.  It is excellent for tying your beach sand pop up tent guy ropes for those windy days.


Just remember you have a 30 day money back guarantee should you purchase our amazing beach sand ground anchor pegs and not be happy with their holding ability.  Even more, our GroundGrabba Pro II’s have a lifetime replacement warranty in the unlikely event of you breaking them or wearing them out.

GroundGrabba drill driven screw in beach sand ground anchor pegs are changing the landscape of beach or desert dune pegging out and ground anchoring.


GroundGrabba’s hold like concrete in a wide variety of ground densities from loose sand to hard ground.

But don’t take our word for it…….

We are 100% certain you’ll agree….if not, your money back!

How many other brands do that?

Don’t bother trying to find GroundGrabba screw in tent pegs or sand pegs in Bunnings or BCF because they are only available here online and through other associated websites.

Sometimes people refer to us as Ground Grabber but we can assure you we are GroundGrabba as Trademarked.